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Julia Coffin

Academic Background: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology/Sociology and Religion.

Area of Interest: Peace, Conflict and Development.

Julia was born and raised in Concord, NH, USA. Following graduation from St. Olaf College, Julia spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar living and working in Gorkha, Nepal. Julia taught English and co-taught an afterschool program focused on English language acquisition, cross-cultural exchange and leadership development.

She collaborated with local organizations to better resource local English teachers and to debunk myths on migrant labour. She has since returned to Nepal numerous times to plan and lead teen service trips, and to conduct followup research on student drop-out rates and teacher accountability.

Most recently, Julia served as the Program Specialist for Detention and Visitation at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She organized advocacy campaigns, developed educational tools and facilitated workshops to help communities explore the impacts of the U.S. immigration detention system and respond with compassionate action.

She provided training and technical support to community leaders, equipping them to launch and grow immigration detention visitation ministries and related supportive services. After completing a Master's in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies at the University of Bradford, Julia hopes to support the creation and implementation of development projects in Nepal, and other countries deeply impacted by migration.