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Ghenwa AL-Shoumari

Over the past seven years Ghenwa has worked with several civil society groups giving relief to Internally Displaced People in her city during the Syrian Revolution. She worked with her colleagues to found the “Syrian Peace Building Network”, which is a civil movement aimed to spread the culture of peace.

She has also served as a project manager for the British organization RTC, “Responding To Conflict “, in Lebanon, taking the knowledge back to her home country. After leaving Syria to the UAE, she was chosen to be the youngest member in a Feminist Euro-Mediterranean initiative, dealing with the issues of empowerment of women. Ghenwa created a number of activities aimed at raising awareness among women about their role in building sustainable peace among Syrian migrants’ women in Lebanon.

Ghenwa participated on behalf of the lobby in the Equality and Raising Gender Concept in Constitutions Conference that was held in Beirut in 2016, under the auspices of the Feminist Euro-Mediterranean initiative. Now with the lobby, she is part of The Syrian Women Initiative for Peace, which was formed to activate the role of women in negotiations that are happening between the Regime and the Syrian opposition to solve the Syrian conflicts .

Rotary Peace Fellow 2018-19