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Elif Avci

Elif has been a dedicated member of Lambdaistanbul Association since 2009 where she delivered consultancy to LGBTIs and their relatives. She also organized events, supervised joint activities with academic/student groups, and gave informal lectures at universities upon request.

She worked as a psychologist at The Foundation for Educating Children (TOCEV), where she supported children's social and cultural development by holding special workshop activities. She also delivered psychological counselling for all students and their families. Since its establishment, she worked in the Social Equality Unit of the Şişli Municipality to develop and monitor equitable, participatory and inclusive municipal policies.

She also gave counselling to the Mayor about LGBTI+ issues and was assigned as General Secretary of Şişli Citizen Council in November 2016. While in her role she increased the cooperation between the municipality and right‐based civil society organizations, and built a new childrens council, a womens council, and the first refugee council in Turkey inside the Şişli Citizen Council.

She established the Local Monitoring Research and Implementation Association (YERELIZ), having realised the lack of dialogue and cooperation between civil society and public institutions. The aim of the YERELIZ is to transform the association into a well known institution providing building opportunities and knowledge hubs, as well as focusing on developing research studies in relevant subjects.