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Ana Lucía Peláez

Academic Background: BA in Political Science and BA in International Relations with a minor degree in Foreign Trade from Francisco Marroquín University (Guatemala).

Areas of interest: Social conflict, communications, crisis management, conflict narrative, intercultural dialogue.

Since university, Ana Lucía has been working in subjects related with social conflict in Guatemala, especially those between private companies and indigenous communities in the rural area of the country. Initially, her focus was on mapping, monitoring and identifying the most common causes of those conflicts. However, she wanted to do something more with the issue and changed her focus from observing to acting. Since then, she has been working in the area of communications, community relations and sustainability for hydroelectric plants in the private sector. Additionally, she has experience working with the sugar industry, energy distribution and transport sector, agrochemicals, and medical and industrial gases in the aforementioned subjects.

Besides her work, Ana Lucía has collaborated in the establishment of the first social co-­working space in her country and the promotion of a Manual of Legislative Transparency for the Guatemalan Congress.

Through the Rotary Peace Fellowship, Ana Lucía hopes to deepen her knowledge about the origin, prevention and resolution of conflicts, in order to combine the current needs of Guatemala with traditional indigenous concepts of the world. She wishes to bring this knowledge back to her country and become a university teacher. She plans to continue working with development projects to help rural areas achieve better living standards, without sacrificing the social issues and rule of law in the process.