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The Rotary Peace Centers Conference 2020

Peace, Conflict and Development.

Engaging in Challenges, Opportunities and Innovations. 


4 - 6 February, 2020

(Peace Conference 6 - 8 February 2020)

Mena House Hotel, Cairo

The objective of this conference is to explore the challenges, opportunities and innovations of the theory and policy discourse on peace, conflict and development. The normative goal is to contribute to knowledge about peace building and development in fragile and conflict-affected areas where the great majority of very poor people live. This is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions for poverty reduction and social justice.

The Conference themes include but are not limited to the following:

  • Specific approaches to peace, conflict and development
  • Peace Building in Every day Life
  • The Local Turn: Does the “local” represent a potentially emancipatory alternative to liberal universalism or a reconstruction of power and how can it contribute to peace and development?
  • Gender, Conflict and Development
  • Forced Migration: displacement, resettlement and refugee protection.
  • How can we build Data on Six Areas of Focus: 1. Conflict prevention and Resolution; 2. Disease Prevention and Treatment, 3. Material and Child Health, 4. Basic Education and Literacy, 5. Water and Sanitation, 6. Economic and community development
  • How can data bring nuance, complexity, and depth to our understanding of negative and positive peace?
  • Rethinking Peace: Does the dichotomy between “Positive” and “Negative” Peace work any more and is there alternative which transcend it?

Format and Approach:

The conference seeks to facilitate a ripe context for dialogue through an interactive exchange of ideas and experiences. While academic papers and presentations will be a core element of the conference, we will also utilize workshops, discussions, debates, and opportunities for creative expression and analysis. We seek to engage this work from both a theoretical and practice-based approach, acknowledging the importance of reflective practice and conversation.

The conference will bring together academics, civil society organisations, policy makers, Rotarian and the six Rotary Peace Centers, to explore the sustainability of approaches in diverse spatial contexts. The papers will be published in the form of an edited book and / or a special issue of a journal.

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