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International Master's Summer School for Sustainability in Business

22–26 May 2017

Dr Mei-Na Liao – Director of the International Master's Summer School

In an ever shrinking and connected world, businesses need to be at the forefront of the sustainability debate. As Master's students and future business leaders you need to be aware of sustainable business practise.

We invite you to join us at the University of Bradford’s International Master's Summer School for a week of inspiring, interactive and exciting learning opportunities to understand and experience sustainability in business.

Come and join students from around the world for a unique five-day Summer School investigating Sustainability in Business at one of the UK's top business schools.

  • You'll develop your awareness of challenges and opportunities for sustainability in business globally.
  • You'll be challenged in your understanding of conventional business models.
  • You'll be inspired by innovative ideas from professionals in their field.
  • You'll contribute to a critical thinking forum on sustainability.

Event highlights

  • Seminars, practical workshops and company visits to provide you with provoking and innovative thinking.
  • Lectures from renowned Professors on topics such as the Circular Economy, Ethical Leadership, International Sustainable Strategies and Social Media Marketing.
  • Gaining a historical perspective on sustainability by exploring a Victorian philanthropist’s journey.
  • Guest speakers giving you inspiring examples of leading sustainable developments.
  • A focus on sustainability in business development with team and self-analysis sessions, and an interactive computer-based simulation exercise.
  • Testing your understanding through a simulation game and presenting your strategy in a Summer School competition.
  • Enjoy our local hospitality and explore our historic campus and city.

Learning outcomes

  • Enhanced knowledge on sustainability issues relating to international business.
  • Critically evaluating conventional business concepts through a sustainable perspective.
  • Greater knowledge on innovative solutions and ideas toward sustainability.
  • Analyse conflicting interests, in a dynamic international context.
  • Effectively communicate, negotiate, and present work with others in culturally diverse settings.


The fee covers all seminars, visiting trips, simulation game, Welcome Dinner on Monday, Curry Night on Tuesday and lunches.

Partner/External Institution students £450
Master's Students at the University of Bradford taking this on a non-credit bearing basis (including Kozminski students) £225
Bradford MSc students (including EIBM students) taking this as an elective module £100


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