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Research degrees

We are one of the oldest university-based business schools with one of the longest-established management PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) programmes in Europe and one of the most experienced and globally recognised DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) programmes, which has been running since 2001.

Both are academically equivalent but the DBA is designed for senior, experienced professional managers and is highly applicable within specific sectors and careers, whereas the PhD can be taken by graduates at all levels with an interest in a particular area of management research.

Our research degrees are successful because we can offer high-quality research support in all the main areas of management.

We have an excellent library and other dedicated research resources.

The School of Management is closely linked with the needs of industry, commerce and the public sector. We offer the choice to adopt a practical focus or to pursue a more scholarly approach.


  • Choose your area of leading edge management research
  • Choose full-time or part-time options
  • Join a vibrant research community
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  • For senior, experienced professionals
  • Applicable within your sector/career
  • Part-time - fits into your busy schedule
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Faculty and Expertise

Our full-time faculty and visiting fellows have expertise covering all the main areas of business and management, obtained from their research, teaching, consultancy and practical management experience. Many of them have gained this experience overseas. Their research output includes many texts that are internationally specified teaching or reference works.

Our PhD and DBA supervisors are highly experienced in delivering research training and in supervising doctoral theses in management, arranged into our research centres:

  • Accounting, Finance and Economics
  • International Business, Marketing and Branding
  • Logistics, Supply Chain and Techology
  • People, Organisations and Entrepreneurship

Much, if not most, of the research we do is in collaboration with individual organisations, and reflects real-world issues and concerns. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our past and present clients include Asda, Bayer, the BBC, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Coca-Cola, Emirates, Ford, Kelda (Yorkshire Water), Lloyds TSB, National Power, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Royal Mail, the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Siemens Communications, Unilever and the Yorkshire Building Society.

Research support

We provide both UK and international with an excellent level of support throughout your PhD or DBA studies. Your assigned supervisors, who are experts in your field of research, take a close interest in your research and offer intensive guidance.

One criterion for earning a PhD or DBA is that you show evidence of independent research. The decisions you make throughout your PhD or DBA are therefore your own, but your supervisors will help you to arrive at a position where you can fully justify your research objectives, methods and, ultimately, your conclusions and recommendations. They will encourage you to publish your research, perhaps jointly with them, and ensure that you stay motivated and engaged at every stage.

The School of Management is part of the Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative (NARTI), a network of leading research institutions that provides access to a range of advanced research training programmes. The University of Bradford also runs training on teaching and learning skills and PhD and DBA students can enrol on courses run by the Staff Development Unit.

Research facilities

Research students enjoy studying at the School of Management’s self-contained parkland campus in Bradford, which has every facility you will need for high-level study and research including a dedicated building, office space, IT resources and our whole range management and law learning resources. Our DBA students, who are working professionals, conduct their studies from many different locations and attend our DBA peer-review workshops at our facilities in Bradford and Bonn (Germany). 

We have one of Europe's best-resourced management libraries and some of the most up-to-date teaching technology. As most of our DBA students live and work outside of the UK, they will have access to many of our resources on-demand via the Internet.

In taking your PhD or DBA at Bradford, you will be studying with gifted people from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. You will therefore benefit from an exciting and intellectually challenging study environment, and international networking opportunities.


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