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Operations and Information Management group

Academic staff

Associate staff

Visiting fellows and professors

Administrative staff

IILM, India

  • Habiba Abbasi
  • Rakesh Choudhry
  • Priyanka Lal
  • Anupama Prashar

MDIS, Singapore

  • Dr Myint Moe Chit
  • Selvakumar Shanmugam
  • Dr Boon Tian Tan
  • Huang Xiangmeng

CBFS, Oman

  • Mirza Ahmend
  • Danish Mohammad Alam Sayyed

RDI, Hong Kong

  • Dr David Chu
  • Law Yat Keung
  • Peter Kwan
  • Fan Ng
  • Marc Porter


  • Dr Eugene Kaciak

PhD students

Reem Al Gurg
Supervised by: Dr Craig Johnson/Professor Mohamed Zairi
Thesis title: The Management of Healthcare Systems in the 21st Century: The Role of Nutrition and its Impact in Improvement Health - A UAE Context

Olatunde Aroge
Supervised by: Dr Reza Abdi
Thesis title: Assessment of Risk Management in upstream supply network

Thianthip Bandoophanitt
Supervised by: Professor Kevin Barber/Dr Liz Breen
Thesis title: Identifying the best green logistics practices leading to the reductions of resource use and solid waste generation in Thai public hospitals

Hassan Baz Chamas
Supervised by: Dr R Abdi/Dr Zahid Hussain
Thesis title: The impact of E-business practices on the organisational structure and decision making in small and medium enterprises: An empirical investigation

Aneta Dent
Supervised by: Prof Kevin Barber/Dr Olga Matthias
Thesis title: Performance Management in the Modern Day NHS

Mohamed Jaat
Supervised by: Dr Liz Breen/Dr Roger Beach
Thesis title: Best Practice Framework for mitigating risks of Global Supply Chain in the Petroleum Equipment Industry. A Case Study: Petroleum Equipment Supply in Libya

Roy Manchisi
Supervised by: Prof Kevin Barber/Dr Liz Breen
Thesis title: Sustainability in supply chain management practises in least developed countries: A case of SMEs in Zambian mining sector

Andrew Mcsweeney
Supervised by: Professor Margaret Taylor/Professor Andrew Taylor
Thesis title: The human and technical elements of lean in practice

Syairah Aimi Binti Shahron
Supervised by: Prof Margaret Taylor/Prof Andrew Taylor
Thesis title: Green Manufacturing adoption towards sustainability: A study amongst UK manufacturers


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