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Accounting, Finance and Economics group

Academic staff

Associate staff

Visiting fellows and professors

Administrative staff

IILM, India

  • Girish Ahuja
  • Deepa Bhaskaran
  • Prachi Chawla
  • Dr Geeta Mahajan
  • Dr P Malarvizhi
  • Vandan Mehrotra
  • Dr Siama Rizvi

MDIS, Singapore

  • Raymond Ang
  • Chi Ching
  • Dr Joshua Heniro
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Dr Shailender Singh
  • Lim Kaim Soon

CBFS, Oman

  • Mohamed Naseer Farzan
  • Moharanjithan Gnanendran
  • Dr Roslin Lazarus
  • Hasinul Siddique
  • Sujata Suresh
  • Vaheed Zaman Ubaidullah

RDI, Hong Kong

  • David Cheng
  • Simon De-Lay
  • Erin So
  • Mingyen Tan

AIS, Manila

  • Dr Winston Conrad B Padojinog


  • Professor Dorota Dobija
  • Dr Miecyslaw Grudzinski
  • Dr Malgorzata Runiewicz-Warden

PhD students

Ghadna Al Maskari
Supervised by: Dr Jing Li/Professor Khelifa Mazouz
Thesis title: Accounting/Intellectual Capital and Firms Performance

Lynne Barrow
Supervised by: Professor Nelarine Cornelius/Professor Ros Haniffa
Thesis title: An Evaluation of the Accountability and Governance Structures and Agents in UK Local Authority Significant Partnerships

Rabab Ebrahim
Supervised by: Dr Abhijit Sharma/Professor Khelifa Mazouz
Thesis title: Finance/the link between dividend policy and stock liquidity

Muhammad Khawar
Supervised by: Prof Aydin Ozkan/Dr Helena Pinto
Thesis title: Impact of corporate governance structure on intensity of R&D investments in UK companies and role of tax planning

Bilge Oncul Bastu
Supervised by: Dr Chengang Wang/ Dr George Magkonis /Dr Abhi Sharma
Thesis title: Foreign direct investment led economic growth in a developing country setting: An empirical study on Turkey

Nur Adilah Othman
Supervised by: Dr Abhijit Sharma/Professor Khelifa Mazouz
Thesis title: The performance of Islamic Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

Nikhil Sapre
Supervised by: Prof Roger Adkins/Dr Abhi Sharma
Thesis title: An Assessment of the Equity Risk Premium with respect to emerging markets, specifically India; Macroeconomic factors and estimation methods: from a Global Investor's point of view

Shenghua Shi
Supervised by: Dr Hwa-Hsien Hsu/Dr Jing Li
Thesis title: Split Share Structure Reform and Earnings Management in China

Hasan Tekin
Supervised by: Prof Roger Adkins/ Dr Abhijit Sharma
Thesis title: New Approaches in Financing SMEs: A Comparative Analysis

Yizhe Wang
Supervised by: Professor Roger Adkins/Dr Abhijit Sharma
Thesis title: A study on the stochastic volatility option theory with relevant applications


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