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Developing a roadmap for next generation banking in Qatar

Developing Use Cases, Governance and Policies Models for Implementing Blockchain Technology

BACES research team has secured project funding of $73000 to explore the influence that blockchain, as an emerging disruptive technology, could have on facilitating the transformation of the banking and financial services sector in Qatar.

The potential use of new-disruptive technologies has brought about a plethora of opportunities as well as challenges and complexities across technical, regulatory, and adoption-related areas for organisations. Efforts to transform organisations using disruptive technologies has often resulted in failure to deliver desired outcomes across sectors making it imperative to understand the challenges associated with their implementation and use. 

By evaluating potential use case scenarios where the technology can be exploited in Qatar using a multidisciplinary stance that combines technical, regulatory-governance, economic and socio-cultural perspectives, the project aims at providing the industry stakeholders and the policymakers a complete picture of the potential costs, benefits, risks, and opportunities associated with implementing blockchain-based processes to transform traditional banking and finance in the country.

The project is led by Sankar Sivarajah, with team members Vishanth Weerakkody and Zahir Irani.