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QRM 2016 Pre-Conference Workshops

March 22, 2016: 1 to 4 pm
Venue: Conference Hotel

This year we will be offering two pre-conference workshops for QRM participants. Each workshop will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants, so if you wish to reserve a place, please email Ann ( by February 22nd, 2016, indicating whether you wish to attend workshop 1 or 2.

A nominal fee of $10 will be charged to cover costs.

Pre-Conference Workshop 1

Organizational Research as Improvised Choreography:
Addressing Multiplicity.

Giuseppe Scaratti, Mara Gorli,
Laura Galuppo & Silvia Ivaldi.
Department of Psychology
Catholic University of Milan, Italy

The workshop will highlight research as a dynamic relationship characterised as an unfolding dialogical experience in which both researchers and practitioners are involved in meaningful conversations aimed at transformation. We will emphasize research as improvised choreography, as:

  1. Addressing a multiplicity and plurality of voices, agendas, and powers;
  2. In which researchers position themselves responsively and assume responsibility for helping people detect how they live and make sense of their experience in embodied language and actions;
  3. Involving a reflexive questioning of what might be taken-for-granted.

In the first part of the workshop we will present two research processes that highlight methodological steps and suitable approaches to enhance reflexivity, inquiry and transformation. In the second part, we will present a case study as a contextualised example, allowing participants to explore possible methodological options and stances for researching and developing knowledge from the perspective of improvised choreography. The case study will offer an opportunity to identify how researchers can be at the same time responsive, relevant, rigorous and critical.

The symposium will be run by a group from the Work and Organizational Psychological research unit of the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, who’s research interests lie in studying knowing, learning, and change in organizations from qualitative – particularly action research based – methodologies.

Pre-Conference Workshop 2

Enacted Methods Online: Using Visual and Participatory
Approaches in the Digital Age

Janet Salmons

Qualitative researchers use visual, creative, and participatory methods extensively. What happens when we try to use these methods online? Join this workshop to learn design strategies for using communications technologies to elicit and generate visually-rich thick data online. We will explore the research potential for using free or inexpensive digital tools for web meetings, videoconferencing or sharing applications with participants. It will be an interactive, experiential workshop. You will take away approaches to adapt for your own research and teaching.

Research participants reveal insights on their lived experiences and tell us about their worlds by responding to questions or prompts in interviews, focus groups or questionnaires. Typically these exchanges occur using verbal or written forms. But sometimes we need to disrupt our notions of dialogue as an exchange of words in order to examine complex concepts, relationships, feelings or practices. As Kress (2003) pointed out, the world told is a different world to the world shown. In such cases participants can show us what they find meaningful by sharing artifacts, or images such as photographs, media or drawings. Or they can demonstrate how something works, how they react to situation or solve problems while we observe them in a real situation or a simulation. These approaches can be carried out online using a variety of communications technologies.

This workshop will offer demonstrations, exemplars, and a design process for using visual and creative elicitation and enacted approaches online. Janet Salmons is an independent scholar and consultant who has authored and edited 5 books on the topic of online research.


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