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Qualitative Research in Management and Organization Conference (QRM) 2016

March 22nd - 24th, 2016
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Dialogue, Disruption and Inclusion

QRM 2016

Keynote Speakers

Michelle Fine
Distinguished Professor of Social Psychology
City University of New York, USA

John Shotter
Emeritus Professor of Communication
University of New Hampshire, USA

The ‘linguistic turn’ seems to have become a broad term used to describe both a philosophical position and research methodologies that bring the interrogation of language and its constitutive nature sharply into focus.  In organization studies it has led to an interest in discursive, narrative, textual, symbolic and communication-based research that examines the relationship between language, organizing and managing. The two keynote speakers have been advocates for more fully human forms of organizing and researching.  From their own perspective, each has been concerned with the possibilities of dialogue for disruption : disrupting our ways of thinking, acting and generating knowledge in and through dialogue. Michelle Fine engages in critical participatory action research in schools, prisons and communities, to address issues of injustice, exclusion, dispossession and contested subjectivities. Her concern is not just to theorise, but to interrupt and change. John Shotter has long been interested in disrupting and refiguring inquiry from ‘aboutness’ to ‘withness’ thinking, to a kind of before-the-fact 'in process' thinking instead of the after-the-fact 'cause & effect' thinking we do currently in response to events that have already happened. He is interested in participatory forms of life and inquiry in a world of living, embodied beings: to movements of feeling and moments of judgment. Both are embedded in working with communities in inclusive dialogical ways.

The aim of QRM 2016 is to explore the implications of dialogue, disruption and inclusion in researching organizational life in diverse situations and cultures. We welcome proposals that address these issues in a substantive way as a topic of study, and/or from a methodological perspective. We also want to build on the initiatives of QRM 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 in providing opportunities for qualitative researchers to debate and explore multiple ways of theorizing and meaning-making.

The conference will consist of two streams. Stream 1 will focus on exploring how dialogue, disruption and inclusion play through our research in terms of topics of study, their influence on methodology, and how they may be implicated and as constitutive of the research experience.  Stream 2 will address more general issues relating to methods, voices and ways of writing qualitative research.

We encourage paper, panel and other forms of presentation that explore philosophical, conceptual and methodological issues in researching organizational life from a qualitative perspective.  Contributions can be from a variety of epistemological perspectives and a range of disciplines including management and organization studies, accounting, marketing, communications, cultural studies, information and decision sciences, sociology, psychology, education, health and public administration. 

In addition, we will be running two workshops on March 22nd from 1 - 4pm for participants who may be interested: ‘Organizational Research as Improvised Choreography: Addressing Multiplicity’ and ‘Enacted Methods Online: Using Visual and Participatory Approaches in the Digital Age’.

Prospective contributors should send an extended abstract of up to 1000 words, via email, to Ann Cunliffe at by December 12th, 2015. The abstract should also include name, contact information, and submission stream.

Further details will be available on the Conference Website in November.

Conference organizers and contact information:

Ann L Cunliffe,
University of Bradford, UK
Karen Locke,
College of William and Mary, USA
Rafael Alcadipani
Fundaçâo Getulio Vargas, Brazil

Conference Email:


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