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International business leaders join University of Bradford School of Management board

Published: Fri 28 Nov 2014

University of Bradford School of Management has recruited a wealth of new talent to its international advisory board - including a global banking chief, a leading business specialist and one of the UK's top business consultants.

New School Board Memebrs

Professor Malcolm McDonald, Delroy Beverley,
Alan Keir and Professor Cordula Barzantny

Welcoming them, Delroy Beverley – newly appointed chairman – urged young people and leaders in private, public and voluntary sectors to understand and use the wealth of talent in business schools.

He said: “Not enough young people see themselves as future leaders, particularly in a management role. I have been so impressed at the range of organisational issues discussed and addressed at University of Bradford School of Management, within the School and the advisory board. These range from new business models to ensure sustainability and better use of resources to equality at work, ethical trading and corporate social responsibility strategies. I would like to see this expertise and innovative thinking used by more schools and organisations from every sector to build globally competitive businesses and stronger communities.”

The business school, again named one of the best in the world in the recent 2014 Financial Times Masters in Management world rankings, already boasts an array of global business names on its board and has now welcomed three new leaders.

Yorkshire Post The “Triple-Crown” accredited school, one of only 59 in the world to have achieved the accolade, has scooped the backing of HSBC chief Alan Keir, leading consultant and academic Professor Malcolm McDonald and international management specialist, Professor Cordula Barzantny.

The new appointments will help the school position itself to support Bradford University’s focus on becoming a technology university.

Alan Keir is well-placed to help the school understand the benefits of technology to business. As CEO of HSBC Bank plc, he oversees the group’s operations in the UK, Continental Europe, Turkey, Bermuda, the Middle East and Africa.

Professor Malcolm McDonald is recognised as one of the top ten business consultants in the UK and works with a wide range of international brands to help them shape and develop their strategies. He is also an Emeritus Professor at Cranfield Business School and a best-selling author.

Delroy Beverley

Delroy Beverley

Cordula Barzantny, professor of human resource management, focuses on international and intercultural management at Toulouse Business School, one of Bradford’s international partners. Cordula previously worked for Siemens and now works with global corporates.

Delroy Beverley is a director at Incommunities Group Ltd, one of the UK’s largest social housing providers with 22,000 homes, 1,200 staff and turnover of £93 million. He is thought to be the first chairman appointed to a top European business school advisory board to come from an ethnic minority background and a first from the social housing sector.

Dean of the school, Jon Reast, said: “International strength on our board is key to maintaining our world-leading position and understanding first-hand how businesses are responding to current challenges – and the role we can play in supporting them.

“We are delighted that Delroy has taken on the role of chairman and hugely proud to have Alan, Malcolm and Cordula join us. My thanks go to all our board members for their time, insights and energy.”

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