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International Strategy

Our strategic approach is in support of the wider institutional internationalisation strategy within the University of Bradford – and is underpinned by the following key aspects:

  • Developing partnerships and collaborations with high quality accredited institutions
  • Developing a team and governance structure to allow us to deliver
  • Increasing the internationalisation of student experience through inward and outward student mobility and TNE
  • Improving student recruitment across key markets in a sustainable manner
  • Building and sustaining international partnerships across teaching, research and knowledge transfer
  • Leveraging international alumni and external stakeholder networks
  • Engaging staff with the internationalisation agenda

As part of this, our emphasis is on building progressive, mutually beneficial and embedded international relationships. We will build upon our reputation and international standing, connecting through to key regions via our current institutional hubs in in Dubai (UAE) in the MENA region and in Beijing (China) in the East Asia region. 

Hence our international vision is:

To develop and grow partnerships with partners of equal or better standing that align with our strategy & accreditation requirements, in order to provide a truly international and cross-cultural business education experience for the benefit of our students, on-campus and digitally on-line.