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Entrepreneurship Festival

Autumn 2024

What is the Entrepreneurship Festival?

Since 2022 the Entrepreneurship Festival has been a university wide enterprise, open to all University of Bradford students across our faculties. 

The festival aims to give students a greater appreciation and understanding of the skills and capabilities of entrepreneurs including the creativity, innovation and resilience required to succeed. These skills are important not just for entrepreneurial activity but also any walk of life. The festival will provide hands on, interactive activities designed especially for those seeking to enact change and develop new exciting ventures.

As well as the interactive, hands on activities there will also be a business venture simulation built over the four days looking to apply learning from the festival. Students will also get opportunities to network between themselves but also with academics and business leaders who are supporting the festival.

Keep an eye out below for regular updates regarding the festivals schedule and facilitators.

Register now!

Registrations are open for students across the University of Bradford. Register for your place ahead of the 2024/25 academic year.

Applications register your interest in a shortlist style - students will be contacted ahead of the Festival to confirm if they have been offered a place.

Who is this for?

The festival is open to all University of Bradford students whatever faculty and whatever course you are on.  It's ideal for you if you are;

  • Creative
  • Want to create benefits for society and others
  • Innovative
  • Interested in being your own boss

Participants in the festival are expected to attend for the four full days of the programme and will receive an attendance certificate if they do.

What is the festival programme?

The festival explores the challenges of setting up a new organisation. The programme includes opportunities to consider what makes an effective business, social enterprise, charity or any other sort of organisation. You will also be able to experience running a start-up as part of a simulation with fellow budding entrepreneurs.

Over the festival you will work with peers on skill building events and activities plus have opportunities to meet with and get insights from entrepreneurs and business leaders who have been using their creativity and innovation to create positive change.

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Entrepreneurship Festival Schedule

The schedule for the 2024 Entrepreneurship Festival is currently under development and will be published below once finalised. 

The festival will comprise of a range of keynote speakers, interactive activities, business simulation exercises and roundtable discussions.