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Entrepreneurship Festival

Entrepreneurship Festival

6 - 9 June 2022

What is the Entrepreneurship Festival?

The Entrepreneurship Festival is a university wide enterprise, open to ALL University of Bradford students across our faculties. It provides a week of hands on, interactive events and activities.

It will give students a greater appreciation and understanding of the skills and capabilities of entrepreneurs including creativity, innovation and resilience. These are skills important in any walk of life but especially so for those seeking to enact change and develop new exciting ventures!

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Who is this for?

The festival is open to all Univesity of Bradford students whatever faculty and whatever course you are on.  It's ideal for you ifyou are;

  • Creative
  • Want to create benefits for society and others
  • Innovative
  • Interested in being your own boss

Participants in the festival are expected to attend for the four full days of the programme and will receive an Entrepreneurship Festival HEAR award if they do.

What is the festival programme?

The festival explores the challenges of setting up a new organisation. The programme includes opportunities to consider what makes an effective business, social enterprise, charity or any other sort of organisation. You will also be able to experience running a start-up as part of a simulation with fellow budding entrepreneurs.

Over the festival you will work with peers on skill building events and activities plus have opportunities to meet with and get insights from entrepreneurs and business leaders who have been using their creativity and innovation to create positive change.

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 Supported by the Rolls Royce R2 Innovation Factory and NatWest

Festival schedule



· Dr David Spicer/Prof Vishanth Weerakkody

Break 11:00-11:15

What is an Entrepreneur and where do we find them?

· Qun Shao (Open Innovation Programme, University of Bradford)

Lunch 12:45-2:00

Talk by Alison Rose, Group Chief Executive Officer, NatWest 


Key Skills for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship Parallel sessions (chose one):

1. Envelope Exercise (Dr David Spicer)

2. Research Exercise (Prof Liz Breen)

Preparation for business simulation Homework

Introduction to the Business Start Up Simulation

· Dr David Spicer

Break 11:00-11:15

Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

· Victoria Action (NatWest)

Lunch 12:45-2:00

Entrepreneurship and the local economy (Panel Discussion) Speakers:

· Mahroof Shah

· Robert Balfour (Survivors West Yorkshire)

Syndicate work on the Business Simulation (Dr Spicer available to consult on this at this time) 3:30-5:00



Corporate Intrapreneurship (why these skills matter in large organisations too)

· Arevinth Sarma (R2 Factory)


Social Enterprises – what are they and what could you do in this space?

· Kamran Rashid and Imran Hussain (Impact Hub Bradford)

Lunch 12:00-1:00

The Reality of Starting a Business – The First 12 Months

· Bolu Fagborun and Jon Smith (Bradford Trident)


Design Thinking Processes & Business Idea Generation

· Raihan Syed (Founding Director Centre for Enterprise and Business Incubation, Oman)


Syndicate work on the Business Simulation (Dr Spicer available to consult on this at this time)


Entrepreneurs round tables

· Nigel Greenwood (Simply Customer)

· Omar Bahadur (Faraday Drinks)

· Hussein Elsabahy (Circles of Salam)

Lunch 12:30-1:30
Closing Plenary – lessons learnt from simulation (student presentations) and next steps 1:30-3:30

Places are limited – to apply please use the link below to register your interest and tell us about yourself and how you will benefit.

Entrepreneurship Festival Flyer

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