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Our Mission and Vision

Driven by our dedication to excellence and quality, the vision (2017-2027) for the Faculty of Management and Law signals the way forward through achieving our ambitious priorities that are aligned to our Vision and Mission. Collectively representing an integrated, coherent set of intentions that will direct our activities over the next decade and contribute towards realising:

Our Mission

Our mission is Making Knowledge Work through a modern, distinctive, internationally engaged Faculty of Management and Law - which we collectively do through developing ourselves to become leading experts in our field through:

  • Providing engaging and innovative teaching and learning, which instils an ethos of responsible leadership and citizenship, preparing students for the global business environment.
  • Producing and disseminating applied, highly relevant research which makes a tangible difference to the world - to students, to businesses, consumers, public sector, governments and employees.
  • Engaging meaningfully with our partners, businesses and governments to create societal impact.

Our vision statement captures our ambition. Our mission statement captures who we are and the essence of what we do.

Our Vision

To impact global societal challenges by Making Knowledge Work through our world class interdisciplinary teaching and research that cultivates talented, versatile, job-ready graduates within a distinctive student community that has the knowledge and skills to make a difference.

Excelling in our Teaching

Our enthusiastic, ambitious and engaging world class researchers motivate and inspire learning through interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to teaching, that nurtures new ideas and intellectual curiosity from all. Our academic and professional community embeds relevance throughout and alongside the curriculum that promotes our identity as a technological university designed to bring benefit to society through the co-creation of impactful knowledge to make our graduates distinctively employable.

Talented, Versatile Job-Ready Graduates

An excellent student experience through outstanding teaching, feedback and student support from within a collegiate iconic learning environment means that all our graduates are prepared for the world of work enhanced through placement, internship and apprenticeship opportunities that positions the student body with the knowledge, skills, attributes and attitude for graduate employment, and beyond.

Thriving Student Community

The lure of working in partnership with world leading academics and practitioners from business, government and across the judiciary within a dynamic student community means that we always attract the most determined learners and stretch their ambitions. Our thriving student community engages with all aspects of learning, within and alongside the curriculum as our students develop their graduate attributes and seek to make a societal difference through their distinctiveness

Excelling in Research and Knowledge Transfer

Our character as a technological university will bring benefit to society by producing world leading interdisciplinary research that is realised through our supportive and nurturing environment, which develops ambitious, practical world class academics to deliver a leading curriculum through the latest thinking, research and knowledge transfer. Our academics blend commercial experience with internationally relevant research knowledge to advance global challenges across sustainable societies, advanced healthcare and, innovative engineering and manufacturing, which informs learning to make our graduates sought after in the marketplace.

Excelling at Making Knowledge Work

We believe that our distinctive students will go on in life to make a difference through business engagement, in their own way and through their on-going intellectual curiosity and skill of being able to transfer knowledge and constructively challenge the norm, by asking inquisitive questions around, What if? Why not?


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