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Professor Eric Pezet

PositionVisiting Professor
DepartmentSchool of Management


I am Professor in the field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Theory. In France, professorial posts are achieved through national competition and examination, and once successful, one is able to apply to different institutions for post simultaneously within the University and Grande Ecoles systems. Currently, I am a Researcher at M-Lab Dauphine Recherches en Management, Dauphine University, Paris; Professor (Research) in HRM and Director of the Centre for Studies and Research on Organisations and Strategy (CEROS) at the University of Paris Nanterre La Defence (within the University system) and Associate Researcher Center for Management Research, at the Ecole des Mines de Paris (within the Grande Ecoles system). I am also co-founder of international research centre, Paris Research in Norms, Management and Law (PRIMAL).

I was awarded a Masters degree in Political Science in 1988 and then worked for ten years in French glass industry, and then for a number of years as an HRM manager. I then returned to higher education, and graduated from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in History of Organisations (1998). I completed a PhD at the Ecole des Mines de Paris in 2001, at the Center for Management Science. I completed an Habilitation, a formal Diploma which is required in France, that allows lecturers to supervise doctoral students. I became a Professor in 2007.

I have lectured at the University of Paris-Est (Attaché d'enseignement, which is roughly equivalent to the post of Associate Professor, from 2000-2002) and then at the University of Evry-Val d'Essonne (Also as an ‘Associate Professor) from 2002-2007). I am Visiting Researcher in HRM, Brunel Business School, Brunel University (since 2007) and I am currently Visiting Professor at the University of Saint Andrews (where I am a member of the Organizational Studies group)

Innovation in HRM is an important area of research for me. I studied innovation from the point of view of collective bargaining. My PhD was about national collective bargaining relating to formal national job classifications in France.

The second aspect of my work is Organization theoy, especially corporate social responsibility and law and management. I am developing a project about inter-normativity, law and management with the University of Lille. This research is developed from a critical management (specifically a Foucauldian) perspective, with expertise in the embodiment of the organisation, management history and the genealogy of practices. I have a particular interest in govenmentality, especially how people are governed in organisations, how knowledge helps in the government of others and self, and what it means to be autonomous.

The third research interest is the management of managers. I developed a research project about the coaching and mentoring of managers in cooperation with Professor Nelarine Cornelius. The programme of research is focused on the enduring outcome of mentorship especially in terms of autonomy. This programme is conducted from an interdisciplinary perspective. Researchers in accounting, marketing, history of social science have been associated with the first steps of the project (the results of which appear in a book been published in France in 2007). The fields of research include managers and union members. Nelarine and I a currently working with Dr. Robert Perrett, Dr. James Wallace and Professor Miguel Martinez Lucio (University of Manchester) on the mentoring experience of union members. Ethnicity and gender are important dimensions of this research.

I am currently teaching Business Ethics, Epistemology, Human Resource Management, Management Theory, Organization Theory, and Research Methods at the MBA level, and am currently supervising doctoral students also.

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