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Dr Olga Matthias

PositionFME Senior Fellow
DepartmentFaculty of Management and Law, Operations and Information Management
Telephone+44 (0)1274 234491
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Research Interests (key words only)

Professional Services, Healthcare, Management Consulting,Operations, Improvement, Service Quality, Service Design

PhD Supervision

Olga is currently supervising five doctoral candidates.

She also supervises Master's students in the areas described in her research interests section, and acts as an external examiner for the doctoral thesis examination (viva voce) of DBA and PhD students.

Olga welcomes prospective students who are interested in researching any aspects of service quality, performance improvement and the procurement of complex projects, as generally outlined in the research interests section above.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Olga teaches on a range of undergraduate, Master's, MBA and executive courses in the areas of operations management and professional services management.

Modules she has taught are:

  • Operations Management
  • Performance Management
  • Management Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Developments and Practices in Operations Management

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Department Head, Operations and Information Management: 2013- present
  • FME Senior Fellow: 2007- present
  • Director of Studies, Business and Management MSc Programmes: 2011-2013
  • Director of Studies, Part-Time Executive MBA Programme: 2010-2011


Olga joined the Operations and Information Management Group in September 2007 as ESRC/FME Fellow.

She was appointed Senior FME Fellow in September 2010 and Senior Lecturer in August 2011. Previously, she had a long career at PA Consulting Group, in the Business Operations and Performance practice.

Olga graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in European Studies and French from where she took a placement on the graduate training scheme at Lloyds Bank. After completing that scheme she moved into management consultancy, where she worked for a number of companies including Cap Gemini before joining PA Consulting. In 1993 she gained her CMC qualification.

Her consulting work focused on customer service and performance improvement through enhancing process, people skills and IT. She led large business-transformation programmes for blue-chip companies in the UK and in New Zealand, concentrating on aligning business and systems operations.

Olga's research interests are multidisciplinary in nature, and developed from the deep experience gained from her consulting clients, for whom she improved networks, relationships and organisational performance. She continues working in these areas, researching within Service Operations, examining relationship development and management, service quality, and the relationship between knowledge and service outcomes.

Her over-arching research agenda is performance improvement through focused service delivery, particularly with regard to collaboration, knowledge creation and knowledge transfer. Specific areas of interest are: the co-dependency between relationship and service quality in management consultancy, knowledge creation and relationships in B2B professional services, and effectiveness and service quality within the Healthcare sector.

Olga’s doctoral research explored how clients pre-judge what will create satisfaction and how they use this to choose the consulting firm they will work with. When approached, Olga will provide consultancy advice to clients and Executive Education to organisations.

Olga lectures in Operations Management, Performance Management, Management Consultancy and Project Management to MBA students. She has also lectured to MBA students in Cardiff, York and Warsaw. Olga is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Operations Management. She is Visiting Associate Professor of Operations Management at the University of Exeter Business School.

Study History

  • DBA, Bradford, 2013
  • PGCHEP, Bradford, 2010
  • CMC, London, 1993

Professional Activities

  • External Examiner, University of Exeter Business School
  • External Examiner, University of Durham Business School

Research Areas

  • Professional service firms, service delivery and service quality
  • Service operations management and optimisation of performance
  • Co-dependency between relationship and service quality in management consultancy
  • Managerial work and its impact on operations
  • Absorptive capacity and its influence on organisational learning
  • Behavioural operations
  • Effectiveness and service quality within the Healthcare sector
  • Healthcare - Sustainable and Lean


  • Fellow of the Institute of Consulting
  • Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the British Academy of Management
  • Founder Member of the British Academy of Management Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Special Interest Group; Track Chair 2016 and 2017


See Olga's publications on Bradford Scholars.

Refereed journal articles

Matthias, O., Fouweather, I. F., Gregory, I. and Vernon, A., (2017) “Will Big Data Really Transform Operations Management?”  International Journal of Operations and Production Management (ABS 4), Volume 37, Issue 1, p37-55 DOI 10.1108/IJOPM-02-2015-0084

Matthias, O. and Brown, S. (2016), “Implementing Operations Strategy through Lean processes within Health Care - the example of NHS in the UK”, International Journal of Operations and Production Management (ABS 4) Volume 36, Issue 11, p1435-1457 DOI 10.1108/IJOPM-04-2015-0194

Matthias, O. (February 2004) “Survive and Thrive”, Financial Marketing

Matthias, O. (March 2004) “Thriving in a Turbulent World”, Top Consultant

Matthias, O. (March 2004) “IFAs get to Enjoy all the Fun of the Fair”, Financial Adviser

Matthias, O., Little, D. and Scott, R. (March 2000) “Staying Ahead of the Game”, The Banker

Books and book chapters

Manville, G., Matthias, O. and Campbell, J., editors, Management Consultancy Insights and Real Consultancy Projects (2017) Aldershot:Gower ISBN 978-1-4724-7929-7 (Forthcoming - 2017)

Scott, R. and Matthias, O., Chapter 6 – “Public Sector Consulting – Cases and Insights” in: Manville et al. Management Consultancy Insights and Real Consultancy Projects (2017) Aldershot: Gower ISBN 978-1-4724-7929-7

Matthias, O. and Campbell, J., Chapter 8 – “Consultancy in Management Education” in: Manville et al. Management Consultancy Insights and Real Consultancy Projects (2017) Aldershot: Gower ISBN 978-1-4724-7929-7

Matthias, O., Chapter 9 – “The Shadow Side of Consultancy” in: Hodges. J. (2017) Consultancy, Organisational Development and Change, London:Kogan Page ISBN 978-0-7494-7863-6 p283-290

Matthias, O. and Lomas, R. (2015) Management Consulting: The Master Craft of Business. Routledge, (Forthcoming)

Matthias, O. and Buckle, M., Chapter 4 – “Accidental Lean - Performance improvement in an NHS hospital and reflections on the role of Operations Strategy” in: Radnor et al. (2015) Routledge Compendium of Public Services Operations Management

Matthias, O., Chapter 12 – Performance Management in: Paton et al, (2011) Operations Management, Maidenhead:McGrawHill ISBN 978-0077126179

Conference contributions

Yaroson, E. Breen, L. and Matthias, O. (2017). An evaluation of the applicability of complex adaptive system theory in the pharmaceutical supply chain. 22nd LRN Conference 6th to 8th September 2017 at Southampton Solent University.

Yaroson, E. Breen, L. and Matthias, O. (2017). Disruptions, recovery strategies and the pharmaceutical supply chain; empirical evidence from first tier customers in the United Kingdom. 22nd LRN Conference 6-8 September 2017 at Southampton Solent University.

Mahroof, K., Matthias, O. and Hussain, Z. (Co-Author) BAM Annual Conference, “Role of Business Intelligence in creating more effective organisations where data analysts as decision-makers are new heroes”, British Academy of Management, Warwick, UK (September 2017)

Breen, L., Garvey, O., Mosan, G., Matthias, O., and Sowter, J. (Co-author) BAM Annual Conference, “Do we need to be Sustainable? An examination of purpose and intention behind Sustainability practice in Community Pharmacies in the National Health Service (UK)”, British Academy of Management, Warwick, UK (September 2017)

Keynote Speaker, “Big Data in Management”, University of Bradford 4th PhD Conference, Bradford, 7 June 2017.

Keynote Speaker, “Big Data and Performance Management”, British Academy of Management Performance Management SIG Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, 6th June 2017.

Matthias, O. and Brown, S. (Presenter and co-author), EUROMA Annual Conference, "Is performance improvement in the UK NHS accidental or strategic?” EUROMA, Edinburgh, Scotland (June 2017)

Reid, I. and Matthias, O., (Co-presenter and co-author), BAM Annual Conference, “Professional Service Operations: the case for Service Modularity with a Legal Partnership”, BAM Annual Conference, Thriving in Turbulent Times, British Academy of Management, Newcastle, UK (September 2016)

Matthias, O. and Brown, S. (Co-presenter and co-author), POMS 2016 Annual Conference, “The challenge of Lean Process in UK Healthcare”, POMS, Orlando, FL, USA, May 2016

Reid, I., Matthias, O., Argyropoulou, M., Sharifi, H., and Ismail, H., (Co-presenter and co-author), BAM Annual Conference, “Process Improvement: assessing the influence of external intervention”  BAM Annual Conference, The Value of Pluralism in Advancing Management Research, Education and Practice, British Academy of Management, Portsmouth, UK (September 2015)

Matthias, O. and Gregory, I. (Presenter and co-author), EUROMA Annual Conference, “Making Sense Of Big Data – Can It Enhance Operations Management And Create Competitive Advantage?”, EUROMA, Neuchatel, Switzerland (June 2015)

Matthias, O. (Presenter & Author), BAM Annual Conference, "Dynamic Capabilities," British Academy of Management, Belfast, UK. (September 2014)

Matthias, O., Breen, L. and Barber, K. D. (Presenter & Co-Author), EUROMA Annual Conference, "The voice of the client – improving service design in management consultancy," EUROMA, Palermo, Italy. (June 2014).

Matthias, O. (Presenter & Author), POMS Annual Conference, "Accidental Lean? Would a defined operations strategy help performance improvement", POMS, Atlanta, GA, USA. (May 2014).

Operations Management in the 3rd Sector, Leeds University Business School, 20th March 2013, invited chairof the Keynote Address “Quality in the 3rd sector: What is being measured by whom, by what means and for what purpose”

Matthias, O. (Presenter & Author), BAM Annual Conference, "Consultants Clean Up Service Quality," British Academy of Management, Brighton, UK. (September 15, 2009).

Matthias, O. (Author Only), The Changing Paradigm of Consulting, "Developing a Framework for Assessing Professionalism in Management Consulting," Academy of Management, Vienna, Austria. (June 11, 2009)

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