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Dr Hugh Lee

PositionSenior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Business Ethics
Faculty Development Coordinator
DepartmentFaculty of Management and Law, School of Management, HRM/OB Group
Feedback HoursThursday 14:00-16:00
Telephone+44 (0)1274 238918

Research Interests (key words only)

Business ethics, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) , Diversity and Inclusion, HRM ethics.

PhD Supervision

Hugh has supervised PhDs to completion investigating; CSR in the oil industry in Nigeria, Discourses and narratives in Western and sub-saharan Afirca in Tanzania; Systemic, Constructivist Leaders; Professional Identity amongst Careers Service Leaders and Managers.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Hugh has taught undergraduates and postgraduates including both Ph.Ds and DBAs at Leeds, Manchester and York universities before joining Bradford School of Management. His areas of teaching include: Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Organisation Behaviour, Organisation Analysis, Work Sociology , Employment Relations, Human Resource Management, Work Psychology and introductory and advanced Qualitative Research Methods.

People, Work and Organisations
Ethics in Business and Society

MBA Business Ethics and Sustainability

Qualitative Research Methods

Executive Education
Sociology of Work - Morrisons programme

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Director of Studies MDIS Singapore: 2009-10
  • Academic Partnership Manager MDIS Singapore: 2010-Jan 2013
  • Equality Impact Assessment co-ordinator: July 2013 - pres
  • School Dignity and Respect Facilitator: Feb 2013 - pres
  • Faculty Development Co-ordinator
  • Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator for FoML



Hugh left school with GCSEs in Mathematics and English language, believing he had all the education he needed to live a fulfilling life. After holding positions as varied as foreman in a landscape gardening business, supervisor in a contract cleaning company and communications manager with Siemens plc, but finding none of them sufficiently rewarding, he returned to education in 1993 and has since gained a BA (Honours) in philosophy, politics and economics from Keele, an MA in health service studies and a PhD from the School of Medicine at the University of Leeds.

Along the way he has regained a passion for intellectual debate and focuses his research and writing in the area of identity and the social construction of norms and models within and through our society/ies. He also draws heavily on his philosophy background to read, teach and encourage debates in ethics as they apply the world of organisations, business and society more generally.

Study History

  • PhD in Public Health "Que(e)rying Health Promotion". University of Leeds 2006
  • MA Health Service Studies University of Leeds 1999
  • BA (Hons) 2:1 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Keele University

Professional History

In addition to working as a lecturer in education Hugh has worked in the private sector as an office Manager for Siemens plc, as a landscape and maintenance gardener; In the public sector Hugh has worked for the Royal Mail in a city sorting office. In the third sector Hugh worked for the NHS in alcohol treatment; for the probation service with young offenders and held positions (including Chair) on the Board of the Equity Partnership - a large LGBT organisation in Bradford.

Research Areas

The Public Health profession, the Multiple Sclerosis society, Alcohol Treatment services, Talent Management, Critical Management Studies, HRM ethics, International value systems.

Current Projects

  • Ethics of HRM equal opportunities processes
  • Ethics for HRM of dealing with dementia and other illnesses in the workplace
  • Leadership Questionnaires in organisations


Member Higher Education Academy


Book chapter

Harding, N and Lee, H (2014) The Doctor/Manager relationship as a psychosocial encounter In Kenny and Fotaki The psychosocial and organization studies; Affect at work Forthcoming Palgrave Macmillan.

Lee, H. and Harding, N. The Epistemological Violence of Public Sector Organisations. In Currie, G., Ford, J., Harding, N. and Learmonth, M (Eds.). Critical Public Sector Management: A New Approach. London: Routledge. (2009).

Lee, Hugh (2004). Queer(y)ing Health Management. In. Learmonth, Mark and Harding, Nancy. (Eds.) Unmasking Health Management. New York: Nova Publishers. .pp. 129-142.

Journal papers

Harding, N., Lee, H. and Ford, J. (2017) TOWARDS A PERFORMATIVE THEORY OF RESISTANCE: Senior managers and revolting subject(ivitie)s Organization Studies Special Issue Organization Studies- Volume: 38, Number: 9 (September 2017).

Harding, N., Lee, H. and Ford, J. (2014) Who is the middle manager? On constituting an organizational self. Human Relations Vol 67 no 10 1213-1237.

Harding, N., Lee, H, Ford, J and Learmonth, M (2011) Leadership and charisma: A desire that cannot speak its name? Human Relations Vol 64 no 7. 927-949 Lee, H., Harding, N., Learmonth, M. (2008). Queer(y)ing Public Administration. Public Administration, 86(1), 1-19.

Lee, Hugh, Harding, Nancy, and Learmonth, Mark. (forthcoming). Queer(y)ing Public Administration. Accepted by Public Administration April 2007.

Lee, Hugh (2007). Why Sexual Health Promotion Misses its Audience: Men who have Sex with Men Reading the Texts. Journal of Health Organization and Management Volume 21, 2 pp 205-219).

Journal papers in development

Harding, Nancy and Lee, Hugh. Queer(y)ing the Construction of the Organized Self. Based on paper given at Gender, Work and Organization conference, to be submitted to Organization 2007.

Lee, Hugh, Harding, Nancy and Learmonth, Mark. Isn't work a queer place? Managerial constructions of the self. To be submitted to Organization Studies 2007.

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