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Professor Zahir Irani

PositionDean of the Faculty of Management, Law & Social Sciences
LocationEmm Lane
DepartmentFaculty of Management, Law & Social Sciences
Feedback HoursBy appointment through PA
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Research Interests (key words only)

Food Security, Supply Chain Management, Management Decision Making


Professor Zahir Irani joined the University of Bradford as Dean of the Faculty of Management and Law in December 2016, and became Dean of the Faculty of Management, Law & Social Sciences in August 2018.

Professor Irani has held several senior management positions at Brunel University London, the most recent of which being the Dean of College (Business, Arts and Social Sciences - CBASS) which he set up following an organisational restructuring from eight schools into three colleges.

Prior to this role, he was seconded full-time to Whitehall, where he was a Senior Policy Advisor at the Cabinet Office during part of the coalition Government.

He is however most proud of being Head of the Brunel Business School, which in 2013 was awarded the Times Higher Education Business School of the Year under his leadership.

He completed a BEng (Hons) at Salford University before then accepting a research position in industry where he finished his Master’s degree by research.

He has a PhD in the area of investment evaluation and undertook his leadership development at the Harvard Business School.

He has an extensive list of 3 and 4 star publications in the area of information systems, management decision making, eGovernment and more recently food security within a circular economy. He has significant grant income from national and international funding councils such as EPSRC, ESRC, EU (FP7, H20202, Marie Curie), Qatar Foundation (QNRF). Professor Irani has a sector leading H-index.

Research Areas

  • Food Security
  • Information Systems Management
  • eGovernment

Current Projects

  • British Academy 2016-2018: ‘Mapping the impact of food waste on sustainability performance’, Co-Investigator: Zahir Irani Grant Total £9,992.
  • EU 2016-2017: ‘Enabling Multichannel Participation through ICT Adaptations (EMPATIA)’ Horizon 2020. Co-Investigator: Zahir Irani Grant Total £106,383.
  • EU 2015-2017: ‘Cloud Based Vessel Allocation Decision Support System for Vessel Chartering (CLOUD-VAS)’ Horizon 2020. Principal Investigator: Zahir Irani Grant Total £236,220.
  • Qatar Science Foundation 2015-2018: ‘Safeguarding food and environment (Safe-Q)’ Qatar Science Foundation - NPRP project 7-1103-5-156. Principal Investigator: Zahir Irani Grant Total £94,427.
  • Qatar Science Foundation 2014-2017: ‘A life-long learning framework for enhancing graduate attributes and continuous professional development in Qatar: LEARNER’ Qatar Science Foundation - NPRP project 7-1534-5-231. Co-Investigators: Zahir Irani, Grant Total £138,278.
  • EU 2014-2018: ‘SI-DRIVE’ — Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change’, EU Reference Number: 612870. Co-Investigator: Zahir Irani, Grant Total £359,010.


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Irani Z and Kamal M. 2014. Profiling Two Decades of Intelligent Systems Research in the Construction Industry, Expert Systems and Applications, 41(2): 934-950.

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