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Dr Jiachen Hou

PositionLecturer in Information Management and Decision Support
LocationEmm Lane Campus
DepartmentSchool of Management
Telephone+44 (0)1274 234041

Research Interests (key words only)

Healthcare, SMEs, knowledge management, decision making, sustainable supply chain, business process, big data

PhD Supervision

Jiachen has supervised one PhD student and five DBA students to date, and welcomes prospective students who are interested in one of the following areas: process improvement in healthcare industry, knowledge management and open innovation for SMEs, sustainable supply chain, business process and IT alignment, and big data.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Environmental Management and Quality Systems (MSc)
  • Business Information Systems (Morrison's - 2nd year)
  • Opertaions Management (Distance Learning MBA/Executive MBA, MSc)
  • Sustainable Operations Management (3rd year)
  • Quantitative Methods in Information Management (1st year)
  • Operations and Information Systems Management (1st year)

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Member of the Ethics committee


Jiachen joined the Operations and Information Management Group in January 2016. Prior to this, she was a teaching fellow at the Department of Management Science, University of Strathclyde. She involved in two European Commission found projects during her PhD study from Nottingham Trent University, EU-Asia Link project and EU-IT&C project. The aims of the projects are to improve co-operation between Asia and Europe by increasing the mutual understanding of the complexity of transferring European information and communications technology to China, thus improving technology cross-flow and the quality of Europe-China partnerships.

Her PhD project was focused on investigating the issues that have influenced SMEs in the processes of product life cycle and supplier selection.

Jiachen has been engaged with a range of professional activities. She has reviewed articles for journals such as International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, International Journal of Design Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, etc. She was a member of the programme committee of the International Conference on Advanced Desing and Manufacture (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011). She is a member of SAP Global University Alliances Program Community.

Study History

PhD in Supply chain & Information Systems

Professional Activities

  • Reviewer, International Journal of Design Engineering. (2007-2010)

Research Areas

Process improvement in healthcare industry, knowledge management & decision making for SMEs, sustainable supply chain, business process and IT alignment, and big data.

Current Projects

  • Hou, J., Yu, F., Qahwajl, R., Pillai, P., Kamala, M., Youseffl, M., Kellehear, A., Mohammad, M., Awan, l., "BLESS U - Bandar Lampung Enhanced Smart-health Services with Smart Ubiquity," Sponsored by British Council, £89,937.00. (April 1, 2017 - October 1, 2018).

Research Collaborations

Jiachen is currently working with researchers from Indonesia for a British Council supported healthcare project.


Fellow in HEA


Journal articles

Rongyao He, Yu Xiong, Yongheng Cheng, Jiachen Hou, ‘Online expansion: is it another kind of strategic manufacturer response to a dominant retailer?’. International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management, Vol 30 (1/2), 2016, pp 1-18

Jiachen Hou, An Investigation of Problems faced by ERP Consultancy and Client Organisations in China,Journal: Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 572 (2013) pp 690-694

Jiachen Hou and Daizhong Su, ‘Web Oriented System Supporting Small-Medium Sized Manufacturers’Journal: Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 450 (2010) pp 409-412

Jiachen Hou and Daizhong Su, ‘EJB-MVC Oriented Supplier Selection System for Mass Customisation',Journal of manufacturing technology management, Vol 18 (1), 2007, pp54-71

Jiachen Hou and D Su, ‘A Customer-Manufacturer-Competitor Orientation Model for Product Life Cycle Analysis based on QFD, ANP and TRIZ’, International Journal of Design Engineering, Vol 1 (1), 2007, pp 104-124

Jiachen Hou and D Su, ‘Service and Components Oriented Environment for Conducting Product Design Specification’, Lecturer Notes in Computer Science, in: W Shen et al (ed.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 4402/2007 ‘Computer Supported Collaborative Work in Design III’, ISSN 0302-9743, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, pp530-539

Jiachen Hou and Daizhong Su, ‘Integration of Web Services Technology with Business Models within the Total Product Design Process for Supplier Selection’, International Journal of Computers in Industry, Vol 57, 2006, pp 797-808(The journal is given a 3 star rating)

SU D, Hull B, Jiachen Hou, Management of networked organizations using a web-enabled collaborative environment. In: J Cha et al (ed.), Advanced Design, Production and Management Systems, A.A.Balkema Publishers, 2003, pp 259-264.

Conference papers

Jiachen Hou and D Su, ‘Modularised Product Design Specification within the Web-Services Environment’, Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture, 8th – 10th January, 2006, Harbin, China, pp 433-437

Jiachen Hou and D Su, ‘Manufacturer Centralised Environment for Product Life Cycle Analysis, Supplier Selection and Knowledge Allocation’, Proceedings of the International Conference on Mechanical Transmissions, ICMT 2006, Science Press, pp 1374-1380

Jiachen Hou, Su D, Hull B, ‘Integration of Web-based techniques and business strategies into the development of a network supported system for supplier selection’. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Work in Design, 2004. Xiamen, China., pp599-604

JC Hou, "A Review of ERP Implementation Failure factors in China—Understanding ERP vendors, Consultancy, and ERP clients", International Conference on Innovation and Management, ISSN: 2218-6387, ISBN:978-986-84899-2-9

J Hou, D Su and Z Xiong, ‘Strategic Supplier Selection Model for Mass Customisation’, Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture, 8th – 10th January, 2006, Harbin, China, pp 851-856

JiachenHou and D Su, ‘Manufacturer Centralized Product Design Specification Environment—Collaborative Research Supported by Asia Link Programme’, China Europe Engineering Education (CEEE2005), Chongqing, China, 2005 . pp. 30-35

Jiachen Hou and D Su, EnterpriseJavaBeans Supporting Manufacturer Centralised Model. 4th International Conference on Responsive Manufacturing, 2007. Nottingham, UK. CD

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