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Dr Kyoko Fukukawa

PositionSenior Lecturer in Marketing
Head of International Business, Marketing and Branding Research Centre
DepartmentSchool of Management
Telephone+44 (0)1274 235688

Research Interests (key words only)

Consumer Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Responsible Management Education

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Kyoko teaches a range of marketing subjects, including international marketing and research methods. Based on her research expertise, Kyoko also teaches Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Kyoko is a qualified university teacher and teaches a range of subjects in marketing and ethics. She specialises in research on consumer behaviour and business practice in the ethical context, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Before coming to the UK, Kyoko worked in the construction industry in her home city, Tokyo.

Study History

BA (Econ) (Seijo, Tokyo) MSc (Salford) PhD (Nottingham), PGC HEP (Bradford)

Research Areas

Kyoko specialises in research on consumer behaviour and business practice in the ethical context, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Asia. She was a Japanese Studies Fellow of the Japan Foundation in 2006, during which time she conducted research on multinational companies to examine the communication and practice of CSR in Japan. Her ongoing research interests are in the areas of Consumer Ethics and Value-Driven Marketing; Market and Ethics; and International Business and Strategic Marketing. She is currently serving as an editorial board member of Asian Journal of Business Ethics, Springer. She is the editor of Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia (2010, Routledge); and the co-editor of a special issue of the Journal of Business Ethics on Corporate Identity, Ethics and CSR (2007, vol.76, no.1).


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK)
  • Member of Academy of Marketing (UK) and Ethics and Marketing SIG (Deputy Chair)
  • Member of Japan Forum of Business and Society


Refereed journal articles

Fukukawa, K. (forthcoming) ‘Response-Ability: Practicing Integrity Through Intimacy in the Marketplace’, Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming.

Gonzalez-Jimenez, H., Fastoso, F., and Fukukawa, K. (2017 forthcoming) ‘How Independence and Interdependence Moderate the Self-Congruity Effect on Brand Attitude: A Study of East and West’, Journal of Business Research, forthcoming.

Fukukawa, K., Sungkanon, K. and Reynolds, N. (2017) ‘Understanding Consumer Behaviour for Social Change: An Empirical Investigation of Neutralisation Techniques in the UK’, Japan Forum of Business and Society Annals, 6, 22-42.

Chan, S-F., Barnes, B. and Fukukawa, K. (2016) ‘Consumer control, dependency and satisfaction with online service’, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 28(4), 594 – 615.

Fukukawa, K., D. Spicer, J. Fairbrass and S.A. Burrows (2013) ‘Sustainable Change: Education for Sustainable Development in the Business School’, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 49, 71-99.

Fukukawa, K. and C. Ennew, (2010) 'What we believe is not always what we do: an empirical investigation into ethically questionable behavior in consumption', Journal of Business Ethics91 (1) pp 49-60

Fukukawa, K. and Y. Teramoto, (2009) 'Understanding Japanese CSR: The Reflections of Managers in the Field of Global Operations', Journal of Business Ethics85 pp 133-146

Balmer, J.M.T., K. Fukukawa and E. A. Gray, (2007) 'The Nature and Management of Ethical Corporate Identity: A Commentary on Corporate Identity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics', Journal of Business Ethics76 (1) pp 7-15

Fukukawa, K., W. E. Shafer and G. M. Lee, (2007) 'Values and Attitudes toward Social and Environmental Accountability: A Study of MBA Students', Journal of Business Ethics71 (4) pp 381-394

Fukukawa, K., (2007) 'Curriculum Development and Implementation for Business Ethics Module: Examining a Case from a UK Management School', Journal of Japan Society for Business Ethics Study14 pp 21-28, (in Japanese)

Shafer, W.E., K. Fukukawa and G. M. Lee, (2007) 'Values and the Perceived Importance of Ethics and Social Responsibility: The U.S. versus China', Journal of Business Ethics70 (3) pp 256-284

Manghani, S. and K. Fukukawa, (2007) 'The Business of Visual Culture', Electric Journal of Radical Organization Theory10 (1)

Fukukawa, K. and J. Moon, (2004) 'A Japanese Model of Corporate Social Responsibility?: A Study of Website Reporting', Journal of Corporate Citizenship14 pp 45-59

Fukukawa, K., (2003) 'A Theoretical Review of Business and Consumer Ethics Research: Normative and Descriptive Approaches', The Marketing Review3 pp 381-401

Fukukawa, K., (2002) 'Developing a Framework for Ethically Questionable Behaviour in Consumption', Journal of Business Ethics41 (1/2) pp 99-119

Books / reports

Fukukawa, K (ed.) (2014) Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Community in Asia, Routledge. 

Fukukawa, K. (ed.), (2010) Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia, Routledge

Book chapters

Fukukawa, K. and S. Manghani (2013) ‘Transformations and Translations of Japanese Business and Society – A Retrospective’, in M. McIntosh (ed.), The Necessary Transition – Transition and Transformation Issues in the Journey towards the Sustainable Enterprise Economy, Greenleaf Publishing, pp.80-97. 

El-Gohary, H, M. Trueman, and K. Fukukawa, (2010) 'Understanding the factors affecting the adoption of E-Marketing by small business enterprises', in Thomas, B and Simmons, G. (eds.), E-Commerce Adoption and Small Business in the Global Marketplace, IGI global, pp 237-258

Fukukawa, K., C. Ennew and S. Diacon, (2007) 'An Eye for An Eye: Investigating the Impact of Consumer Perception of Corporate Unfairness on Aberrant Consumer Behavior', in Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations, Vol.7- Insurance Ethics for a More Ethical World, pp 187-221


Fukukawa, K. (2015) ‘Education for Sustainable Development at the School of Management, University of Bradford’, in Murray, A., Baden, D., Cashian, P., Haynes, K. and Wersun, A. (Eds.) Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of PRME UK and Ireland Edition, Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield. pp.91-96.

Fukukawa, K., (2010) 'Corporate Social Responsibility in Japan: A Local-Global Perspective'University of Bradford School of Management Working Paper Series No.10/03

Fukukawa, K., (2009) 'Consumer Ethics � a Moving Target', Institute of Customer Service

Fukukawa, K. and Y. Teramoto, (2007) 'CSR Management of Japanese Corporations', The Keizai Seminar627pp 36-39, (in Japanese)

Fukukawa, K., J.M.T. Balmer and E. A. Gray, (2007) 'Mapping the Interface between Corporate Identity, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility', (Editorial) as Guest Editor for special issue of Journal of Business Ethics on Corporate Identity, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility76 (1) pp 1-5

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