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Professor Arthur Francis

PositionEmeritus Professor of Management
LocationUniversity of Bradford School of Management
Emm Lane
West Yorkshire
DepartmentSchool of Management

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

Arthur currently teaches in the areas of strategic management and technology and innovation management and contributes to research training on the PhD and DBA programmes.

Administrative Responsibilities

Arthur is Dean of the School of Management and chairs the university's external relations committee.


Arthur was previously professor of corporate strategy at the University of Glasgow, where he was also director of research at the business school, and associate dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Before Glasgow, he was head of the business policy and marketing group at the Imperial College Management School. His career has also included time at Nuffield College, Oxford, and a period of secondment to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as co-ordinator of its research programme on the competitiveness of British industry.

He has been adviser to a number of bodies, including the Institute of Directors, KPMG NV and the European Commission. He has served on a number of ESRC boards, commissions and committees, and chaired a European Union collaborative programme on management and new technology.

He is married to Jan who was a lecturer in human nutrition at Glasgow Caledonian University and is now working part-time as a dietician in the community, advising people with diabetes. They have three grown-up children.

Arthur's interests include music, the cinema and local history, and he is involved in various church-related activities. Although an Episcopalian, he was on the advisory committee of the Church of Scotland's society, religion and technology project and, when previously in England, was on various church synods and parish councils. He is the Bishop of Bradford's appointee as chair of the advisory Council of Bradford Cathedral.

Professional Activities

Arthur is a member of the US Academy of Management, the British Academy of Management (BAM) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). He is a one-time council member of BAM, of which he has been elected a fellow. In 2000 was invited to become a companion of the CMI. He is currently vice-chair, and chair-elect, of the Association of Business Schools.

Research Areas

Strategy generally, and specifically insofar as it relates to technology, innovation, design and major organizational change.

Current Projects

Arthur is collaborating with medical scientists and industry in an EPSRC-funded project concerned with the development of a major innovation in minimally invasive orthopaedic procedures.


Refereed Journal Articles

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Books / Reports

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Book Chapters

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Guest Editor, Human Relations, Vol 29, 5, 1976, on industrial democracy

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