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MBA projects

Each year we have around 100 MBA students from as many as 30 different nationalities graduating from the School of Management.

Students complete their MBA by undertaking a management project, this represents the major applied problem-solving element of the MBA programme.

The Faculty offers students the opportunity to do this project for an organisation as a piece of consultancy.

The student tackles a chosen issue or opportunity which leads to a final report for assessment.

"The excellent work undertaken by our MBA placement student will ensure that our ICT Department is in a position to implement and achieve a high quality service to our customers. I was surprised by the high calibre of the students and the excellent governance process in place to both safeguard students and the placement organisation. Well done!"

Incommunities Ltd

How will you benefit?

Do you have ideas about how to develop your business but haven’t the time or resource to evaluate the options?

Would it be useful to have someone provide an objective analysis of a new business opportunity or an ongoing problem? 

Some of the benefits to you include:

  • Excellent value for money: High quality consultancy at low cost
  • Creative and innovative ideas: An objective, strategic view of complex business models, informed by the student’s previous business experience and MBA education
  • Quality service: Support from an academic specialist, plus the Business Engagement Team
  • Talent identification: this provides an excellent opportunity for you to source possible future employees 

How much will it cost?

The School of Management makes no charge to facilitate the project process.

With the exception of charities, we think most organizations would be happy to pay the student for a piece of high-quality consultancy.

We leave any payment negotiation to the student and you – this could be a one-off fee or an incentive payment. We do expect out-of-pocket expenses to be covered.


  • September - Students start their MBA
  • Jan-Feb - You submit your project brief which is then advertised to students. To submit your brief please complete the MBA Project Proposal Form
  • March - Students are recruited; we encourage the company to be actively involved in this process
  • April-May - Projects are finalised in conjunction with an academic supervisor then the student starts with your company
  • Beginning of Sept - Students submit their final report, you may also ask them to present their findings to you in a formal presentation

Recent projects

  • Business case for enhanced Leeds-Carlisle rail service
  • Identification of new international markets for an SME packaging company
  • Strategic marketing plan for a start-up online service based website
  • Introduction of an environmental management system for a marketing agency
  • Looking at the USA market and new areas for export for an SME in Halifax


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