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Director Support Network

This is how it works: a small group of directors work together to identify and unpack business problems and formulate ways of tackling these from the experience of the group.

This has been shown to be one of the most effective ways that SME directors can learn and impact upon their business.

This kind of learning and problem solving is based on the fact that we learn most when we reflect on our actions and the experience associated with them, especially if we are working with people who understand our experiences and who can help to provide structured solutions to our own problems and issues.

The emphasis is to help individuals unpick the issue in question to arrive at 'action points' through insightful questioning, encouraging reflection, challenging their assumptions and offering feedback in a supportive environment. This has often been described variously as group coaching or a virtual company board. This is a powerful technique and can be quite high impact on the participant as well as high impact on the business - so be prepared to be challenged.

The meetings take place at Heaton Mount. There are seven meetings, each one lasting about three hours. The first session explains the process and theory, before moving onto practical application.

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