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Nigel Boyle

BSc Management and Business (Morrisons plc)

Nigel Boyle
  • Nationality: British
  • Year of Graduation: 2014

Managing almost 300 staff and a multi-million production facility for Morrisons is undoubtedly a business challenge few are equipped to handle, but general manager Nigel Boyle says he jumped at the chance to refresh his “business toolkit” at University of Bradford School of Management.

Nigel runs a manufacturing facility in Manchester producing prepared vegetable packs for the retail giant and was selected to take part in the degree, which is a bespoke product tailored exactly to the needs of the business, as part of his inclusion in the Future Leaders programme.

The business leader already has a degree in science and a post-graduate qualification he secured while working for another food producer 20 years ago. He says: “I thought my academic challenges were long past so it was great to face it again.

“I really jumped at the chance to go to Bradford because it has a great reputation and I needed to refresh my knowledge on business concepts. It has been a challenge, but I’ve really enjoyed learning new things. I always want to know why things happen in a business environment and Bradford has delivered the answers.”

Nigel says the degree will have far-reaching consequences for Morrisons by creating a highly-skilled workforce at the top of the business.

He concludes: “This isn’t about progressing my career, it’s about me becoming better at doing my job. I wanted to really improve my performance and the School has delivered on that.

“Bradford has made me more confident about tackling the big issues I face and has enabled me to make better decisions. Ultimately, I’ve been equipped with a broader business toolkit so I can overcome any challenges and deliver further business growth.”


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