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Alison Rance

BSc Management and Business (Morrisons plc)

Alison Rance
  • Nationality: British
  • Year of Graduation: 2014

As part of the Future Leaders programme at Morrisons, Alison Rance says the partnership with the University of Bradford School of Management is securing a bright future for the retail giant because it has fired her ambitions and provided her with skills and confidence to steer the business to future heights.

The degree is aimed at equipping key members of the Morrisons team with the skills they will need to help grow and develop the business in the years to come and is a bespoke product tailored exactly to the needs of the supermarket chain.

Alison, a general manager with the business, was selected to take part in the programme and says it has been a hugely rewarding experience. She explains: “This has been a fantastic opportunity to enhance my skills and every aspect of the programme has been really relevant to my role within Morrisons.

“We’ve been able to tackle and learn from real examples within our workplace and then understand how to implement the skills we’ve been taught. By getting to grips with practical applications it’s helped to develop a real understanding and, most importantly, given me real confidence in my abilities.”

Alison says the support of the school has been invaluable and adds that the programme has enabled her to develop a much deeper understanding of the Morrisons business while meeting key figures from across the group.

She says Bradford is helping to ensure Morrisons has top quality staff who are committed to the future of the company.

“University of Bradford School of Management has really fired my ambitions and I’ve already signed up for the full MBA programme,” adds Alison. “It’s already given me an enhanced set of skills for my day to day role, but has also given me the knowledge and the confidence to operate at a much higher level. That has to be great for the future of Morrisons.”


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