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Alexander Todd

BSc Business and Management Studies

Alexander Todd
  • Home country: UK

Why Bradford?
I chose University of Bradford School of Management because it's one of the oldest business schools in the UK and is included in the top 60 in Europe.

From the moment I walked through the main entrance on the Open Day, there was a real buzz around the School and a fantastic atmosphere. Everyone was so nice and friendly, and I really liked the Emm Lane Campus.

Why Business and Management?
Since I did not know where I wanted to end up in business, I chose to study Business and Management. This would give me the opportunity and flexibility to learn the different areas of business such as accounting and marketing, and from there, it would help my career path in specialising in a specific business sector. It was also great to be able to choose subjects that I was interested in.

What’s been your best bit?
The course has given me lots of fantastic opportunities and what I enjoyed the most was doing a placement year. The Careers Department was brilliant, helping me out with my CV and finding internships and placements.

I’ve also had a chance to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and different countries, and it’s been great to work together. It’s also given me the chance to build on my skills such as teamwork and communication.

What is our strength?
The School of Management has a lot of history and is a pioneer in its field, but I think its biggest strength is the environment. The location of the School is very nice place to learn as it’s peaceful and scenic. Everyone is friendly and gets on with each other, and that’s important when you’re studying for 3 years!


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