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Adam Mohammed

BSc Business and Management Studies

  • Achieved a 1st

I've really enjoyed my time here at Bradford. It’s a great place to be and I have made a lot of lifelong friends here. I’ve also enjoyed the academic side; the School of Management has brilliant facilities and the lecturers are great here.

In my third year I was fortunate enough to secure a placement. I used the Careers Service at the School of Management, and they provided me with lots of help with workshops and individual sessions, and worked with me to help secure a place. After I went through this process, I landed a placement at Glaxo Smith Kline in London. I was in a project management role which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The placement gave me an insight into what you need to do to be successful and showed me where you can get to if you are successful. I was surrounded by senior management, directors and colleagues on three-figure salaries and for me that is a massive motivation.

My first two years of study gave me a good foundation of knowledge, but that placement year taught me about the importance of commercial awareness and how to operate in a business environment.

My placement helped to shape me and understand where my strengths lie. I have become more focused and determined, and it motivated me to do well and drive hard to succeed, because I can see where I want to be in the future.

Now that I’ve gone into the world of work and am speaking to employers and recruiters, they ask for at least one year’s work experience before you’re considered, so for me that placement year is essential. In my final year I signed up to be a student ambassador and encouraged students across the School to take up a placement. I believe it’s integral to the learning process.

At the moment I’m in an IT sales role, based at a software company just outside Manchester. I want to ensure that I do well in this current role, but for the future I’m looking to go into a senior management or sales position in the IT industry.

The international diversity at the University has definitely added to my experience. When you go out to the workplace, you will be working with people from a variety of cultures and different backgrounds and it’s important to get this experience during your time at University. On my course I worked with people from China, from India and it was really important to be part of this multi-cultural team.


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