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Farah Khan

BSc Accounting and Finance

I decided to study at Bradford because it’s a highly ranked university and I really liked the School of Management building and its location.

The things I've most enjoyed are networking and communicating with different cultures; and having a close working relationship with the staff here. I really enjoyed studying Accounting and Finance because I was able to build my analytical skills, analysing numerical data and understanding the theory behind accounting.

Not only that, I was able to gain other skills through opportunities such as the Student Ambassador Scheme. My role was to share my experiences with other students, but being an ambassador helped me to build my confidence and communication skills and I believe this will really help me in the workplace.

The Careers Service has been really helpful throughout my degree, and whenever I’ve applied for a job they’ve been able to go through my CV, application form and covering letter to help me succeed.

I’m planning on doing a Masters at Bradford to gain a deeper knowledge of accounting and finance. I want to stay here because the staff are so friendly and approachable and I feel like I’ve found another home.


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