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Elisa Chami-Castaldi

PhD 2010

Elisa Chami-Castaldi
  • Year of Graduation: 2010
  • Current position: Consultant in the Marketing Effectiveness and Insight group at Deloitte Consulting

After completing my BSc in Management Science, I was awarded a PhD scholarship and transferred to University of Bradford School of Management because of its strong academic credentials and research track record in my area of interest – consumer behaviour.

Having the right supervisor is incredibly important for PhD students. My primary supervisor at Bradford was a leading specialist in market research and consumer behaviour and my second supervisor was a talented statistician. I was very lucky to be able to draw upon these two differing specialisms and it ultimately fostered the perfect environment for me to go on and develop an innovative method for collecting attitudinal data.

Doing a PhD can be a long and lonely process. You need to be proactive and it helps to study somewhere that has the right study environment with all the resources you need. University of Bradford School of Management’s park land campus with historical buildings is the ideal setting in which to study. I liked the fact that it had its own state of the art library and dedicated facilities for PhD students. It was also beneficial to study alongside MBA students and attend guest lectures from industry professionals.

When I finished my thesis, I applied to Deloitte Consulting through the graduate recruitment process. Having a PhD helped set me apart in an incredibly competitive marketplace because it gave me the tools to analyse and synthesise lots of information quickly, take a structured approach to problem solving and communicate and present my findings effectively. I used these skills in the gruelling recruitment exercises. In fact, I still use them in my day to day job. The ability to think laterally and be innovative is the skill I value most from my PhD because it gives me the confidence to challenge the status quo.


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