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Steven Lu

MSc Marketing and Management (2004), BSc Business and Management (2003)

Steven Lu
  • CEO and Vice-President of Team China Racing

"My company is managing the first Chinese Racing Team in various international motorsports series including A1GP World Cup of Motorsport, Superleague Formula Series, FIA GT1 World Championship, and most recently FIA Formula E Championship.

"We have also promoted major motorsport events in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Chengdu, and Ordos.

"It’s very exciting to be in the motorsport business. I travel all over the world to race on behalf of China, plan and organise motorsport events in China and manage the racing team and drivers. I contact sponsors and partners to support the team, and connect with the government to promote motorsport in China.  My mission is to connect China and the world with motorsport culture, promote Chinese motorsport and encourage Chinese auto technology development.

"I spent nearly five years in Bradford, apart from six months in Manitoba, Canada as an exchange student. I learnt marketing and management knowledge from my lectures and met friends on and off campus. I travelled all over the UK to widen my horizons. These experiences encouraged me to do something fancy and exciting in my life. I’m now living the dream and will dedicate my life to this fantastic career.

"I couldn’t have imagined doing my current role while I was studying I thought I might find a decent job in my hometown in marketing or sales. I was studying in Heilongjiang University, China, and thanks to the cooperation scheme between the two Universities, I was in the first group of students from China to Bradford.

"I enjoyed every minute of my time at the University of Bradford, I met a lot of friends from all over the world, I enjoyed my local pub next to my flat, and the quality of studies at the University of Bradford really changed my life. I found peace, maybe there are too many people in China, and it’s just so quiet in Bradford.

"My most memorable moment from my student days at Bradford was my first day in the University; I got lost and paid very expensive bus fare from main campus to the School of Management.

"I was the Chairman of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association and I’m still in touch with most of my fellow students. I now have friends from Pakistan, India, Germany, Greece, Korea, to name but a few.

"I would definitely consider sending my children to Bradford, it will be cool to have the same graduate certificate, and I hope it’s the same in about 16 years. I will always remember the University of Bradford as having amazing facilities for students, and friendly teachers and staff."


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