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Yogesh Golwalkar

Full-time MBA

Yogesh Golwalkar
  • Age: 31
  • Year of Graduation: 2011
  • Nationality: India
  • Previous Qualifications: Computer Science degree

Yogesh is a professional cricketer who has played first class cricket in India for 9-10 years and represented the state of Madhya Pradesh. Yogesh has also represented India at the India-'A' tour to Zimbabwe and Kenya and played for Middlesex County Club (Lord's) as an overseas professional. In addition, Yogesh is a Computer Science graduate and has worked in the Banking sector for seven years with the State Bank of India.

"I just felt that now was the time for me to take a step up in my career. Hence, I decided to undertake an MBA. I wanted to make best use of my past experiences of working in the banking sector and playing cricket within a management framework and therefore opted for the full-time MBA programme at University of Bradford School of Management.

I chose to come to University of Bradford School of Management due to its high rankings, impeccable reputation, accreditation and the program structure. It was reassuring to complete an MBA at one of the UK's oldest established university-based business schools.

I particularly appreciate the way the program is designed, which allows plenty of time for class attendance, team work and self study unlike some other business schools where the program is very hectic and rushed.

For me undertaking the MBA has meant not just learning from a text book, but also learning and sharing experiences with my class-mates. As everyone is from different countries, cultures and professional backgrounds there is plenty of scope to look at problems from different perspectives for better overall management solutions.

I have taken a combination of finance and operation modules in my electives and going to Tilburg (Netherland) for Financial Risk Management was definitely a highlight of the programme.

In future, I would either like to work in the field of finance or get in to sports management. I feel that the management tools, techniques and the knowledge which I will gain at Bradford will certainly help me to make the most of my past experiences and achieve my goals."


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