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Steve Tynegate

Executive MBA 2009

Steve Tynegate
  • Nationality: British

For Steve Tynegate getting value for money was a key reason why he opted to study for his MBA at Bradford. He chose to study part-time.

"I had always resisted the idea of an MBA because I was a manufacturing guy and thought they were only for commercial people. When I started the degree I was worried about my age, but these fears were totally unfounded. My experience meant I was able to make real contributions in all lectures.

Bradford was my choice because if I was going to invest nearly two years I wanted a qualification of value. My company, Bayer CropScience, was paying so I also wanted them to get value for money.

I needed to do a part-time course because I still had a day job. Bradford gave me a quality MBA which elevated my self-belief.

I used what I learnt about operations to lead my site team to win a national manufacturing award, and to put together a proposal for a management buy-out of a redundant site."


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