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Marcus Orton

Accelerated MBA, 2010

Marcus Orton
  • Age: 46
  • Year of Graduation: 2010
  • Nationality: British

Marcus was keen to achieve a well-respected, highly rated MBA, and our FT listings and overall reputation was important. In practical terms it was the fast-track structure of the Accelerated MBA that made all the difference. Marcus now intends to return to medical devices business management, and is also exploring opportunities in the management of healthcare provision.

"The January start date and limited course duration was a timely short break from my professional work. The programme helped to strengthen my appreciation and capabilities in business management and administration as I progressed from R&D, through Project Management into company management and business leadership.

The programme topics complemented my skills, experience and development needs. Access to the themes and issues within Sustainable Operations in particular will have a long-term impact on my approach to personal and business management.

The significant work-load certainly tested and improved my ability to manage my time and priorities, achieve on time and "in full" delivery against immovable submission and exam dates. The Effective Learning support from day one has been invaluable, it is a real asset to the School and a powerful aspect of the educational experience.

I enjoyed fantastic conversations with and support from colleagues and academic staff as we grappled with relating theory to business practice. Sharing these few months with so many colleagues from further afield, helped me gain a deeper appreciation and respect for their cultural heritage, insight and values."


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