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Prince Moses George Duku

LLB Law, 2010

Prince Moses George Duku
  • From Abuja, Nigeria
  • 2010 graduate
  • Now Principal Partner at a law firm

Having graduated from the LLB Law programme at University of Bradford School of Law in July 2010, Prince Moses George Duku, an experienced businessman, political scientist and public relations professional, describes his Law degree and Bradford experience as one of his shrewdest ventures to date.

As a mature undergraduate student Moses was able to effectively combine his previous professional experience with the knowledge and understanding gained from his Bradford Law degree and has since gone on to attain practicing advocate and solicitor status in his home country, Nigeria. He is currently Principal Partner of a Law firm in Abuja, Nigeria and is striving to make a positive contribution towards bringing about constitutional change and tangible development in Nigeria.

We caught up with Moses to find out more about both his time at University of Bradford Law School and about his progress after graduation.

Why I chose BULS
“I met with and had an interactive session with Professor Chris Gale, the Director of Legal Studies of the University of Bradford School of Law in Lagos, Nigeria. His openness, intellectual profundity and depth of presentation of the LLB programme was, to be modest, irresistible. Afterwards I sensibly visited the University of Bradford School of Management website. I dare say my first impression was that it looked substantively worthy in terms of its workforce, vision and values. I was proved right by experience. The rest is history; I am a happy and proud alumnus of the BULS. ”

Most enjoyable aspect of my time at BULS
“My academic sessions and the passion and commitment of my Law lecturers. It was simply inspiring!”

Is there anything I would change about my time at Bradford?
“Perhaps, presuming it is do-able, bring some sub-Saharan African sunshine to tame the Bradford winter! Seriously, my time at Bradford was unqualified intellectual and social fulfilment.”

My career since graduating from the LLB at BULS
“I have since enrolled at and successfully completed the mandatory adjectival law training course of the Nigerian Law School, and I have been called to the Nigerian Bar as a practicing advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. “

What I’m doing right now 
“Currently, as the Principal Partner of a firm of legal practitioners, M.G. DUKU & ASSOCIATES, I coordinate our practice which entails both advocacy in the Courts and solicitor's briefs.”

Why I decided to switch and pursue a career in Law
“As a political scientist and businessman who had interests in socio-political governance of my country, it was a matter of good sense in terms of interest integration for me to take out time to acquaint and equip myself with good knowledge of the discipline of law.”

The impact my LLB from BULS has had on me personally and professionally
“It has practically given much more impetus to my campaign for socio-political crusade for needed constitutional reforms. Personally, I consider my new legal qualification and profession one of my greatest investments!”

My goals for the future
“To contribute my decent quota to the real development of my beloved country, Nigeria.”

My advice to current or prospective Law students
“Do not hesitate or look back once you put your hands to the plough of self-development. The cost of ignorance is a perennial, self-inventing injury! And, to me, legal education is the very definition of liberty!”

Final thoughts
“I am an unabashed evangelist of the excellent and fine quality of education and knowledge that Bradford offers; Truly KNOWLEDGE THAT WORKS!”


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