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School of Law current PhD students

Mashooque Ali
Supervised by: Dr Mark Van Hoorebeek/Dr Chris Taylor
Thesis title: Critical Analysis and Concept of sovereignty in relation with Territorial sovereignty in International Law

Zeshane Butt
Supervised by: Dr Jess Guth/Dr Tim Connor
Thesis title: LGBTQ Equality, documenting "lived experience", socio-legal study

Caroline Casey
Supervised by: Dr Jessica Guth and Dr Kathryn Dutton
Thesis title: Is a working class lawyer something to be?

Edward Mowlam
Supervised by: Dr Jess Guth/Dr Chris Taylor
Thesis title: European Union Citizenship

Helen Trouille
Mentor (PhD by Published Work): Dr Kathryn Dutton
Thesis title: Rights, responsibilities and reform: a study of French justice and its interface with the international community (1994-2016)

Muhammad Usman
Supervised by: Dr Mark Van Hoorebeek/Dr Chris Taylor
Thesis title: A critical analysis of the regulation of cyberspace with an emphasis to the jurisdictional issues as applied to cyberspace transactions


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