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Dr Thomas Frey


Dr Thomas Frey
  • Nationality: Switzerland
  • Previous qualifications: MBA (London Business School), BSc Chemical Engineering (Basel Institute of Technology)
  • Entrepreneur

The DBA allowed me not only to become specialised in a business topic I have chosen, but also delivered the gratification through an academic title helping in turn to achieve my business career goals.

The Bradford DBA is the best organised and administered DBA programme in Europe.

It is completely tailored to the needs of fully employed individuals in management positions. Everything in the course is completely geared towards delivering your individual thesis. In the first stage the essentials for the thesis design and research are furnished. In a second stage the analysis of existing and writing of own academic pieces are carefully trained. As a result one can define a solid thesis proposal and then deliver the research and thesis in one's own pace without getting lost in the process. I found the peer review workshops extremely helpful as a constant learning opportunity from my DBA colleagues, most of which have turned into lifelong friendships.

Overall, the Bradford DBA was worth every second and penny of it.


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