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Dr Helen Collins


Dr Helen Collins
  • Nationality: British
  • Previous qualifications: MBA (University of Leicester)
  • Marketing Manager

Marketing manager Helen Collins took the Bradford DBA to further her knowledge and to put her in a better position to advance her career.

"Bradford was one of the few universities that offered a part-time course, and I was working full-time," said Helen, who completed the course in four years.

"The course as outlined in the prospectus showed that the School of Management had thought carefully about the practicalities surrounding both the business and academic requirements, and provided a structured path to the point where the full research started. At this point, the supervision, in my case by Professor Arthur Francis, the Dean, was supportive and constructive."

Her thesis investigated new product development in the UK financial services industry, and whether the Japanese car industry could add any insight. Its title was, "An exploration of the application of Japanese management practices to new product development in the UK financial services industry: a participant observational case study in a UK life company, identifying areas of failure, potential improvement and application of new methods to improve speed-to-market".

Helen, who lives in King's Lynn, Norfolk, has sales and marketing experience, together with experience in marketing communications and project management. She holds an MBA from the University of Leicester.

Asked to comment on her feelings after completing the DBA, she said: "I am obviously relieved, but also appreciative of all the help and support I received from the University, my employer and family."

And her advice to potential DBA applicants?

"Be patient but determined. Make sure that you use the University resources, and if in doubt, ask. The staff are there to help, not to hinder. Persistence also pays off. At one or more stages, the temptation is to give up, but the feeling will pass and then success is just around the corner.

Plan for the viva-voce examination - it is important to be prepared. Vivas are not necessarily as daunting as everyone says - gruelling, yes; nerve racking, yes; but daunting, no. The thesis word count may sound high, but when it comes to it, you would wish for more."


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