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Zahir2 ‌Brexit message from the Dean

The School of Management and School of Law, like many across Britain enjoy a privileged position of global standing. The reason for this is that they represent safe environments to express new and innovative ideas that often lead to significant social and economic impact. This of course only happens because Britain is often the destination of choice for so many students and staff, which makes British Business and Law Schools amongst the very best.

At Bradford, we are very proud of our heritage, which leads to trust and confidence amongst our local, national and international stakeholders. The triggering of Article 50 by the UK Government following the Brexit referendum does not in any way alter our ambition or outlook. We remain fully committed to working with our European partners and across our global network of leading international collaborators that allows us to deliver an outstanding student experience through the impact of our research and the relevance of what we do and, how we do it. We will continue to work with our European partners to ensure we access European-wide opportunities and resources to support our teaching, research and business engagement agenda.

Our commitment to equality and diversity means that we are open to nurturing and developing new talent, of all kinds wherever it exists. Our European and international students and staff remain a vital part of our community and we will continue to ensure they thrive. Despite the many challenges and opportunities that arise from exiting the European Union, the University of Bradford remains a destination of choice for the very best students and staff.



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