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Reunion of the Class of '64: 50 years on for the students & the School

Location: School of Management, Emm Lane, Bradford

Date and Time:
Fri 10 Oct 2014, 17:00 - Sun 12 Oct 2014, 21:00

The weekend of October 10 thru’ 12th 2014 saw a reunion of students who were the first intake into the University of Bradford’s School of Management way-back in 1964.

Fifty years ago, in October 1964, the “Management Centre” opened its doors to undergraduate students studying for a B Sc. Honours Degree in Administrative & Business Studies. October 2014 saw eleven members of that original in-take hold a reunion at Emm Lane and Heaton Mount, to mark 50 years (almost to the day!) since they embarked on this ground-breaking course, and 50 years of academic teaching at the leading UK business school.

BSc Class of 1967 Reunion Photo Oct 2014

An interesting Reunion booklet had been prepared in the build-up to the event, based on submissions from all contactable class of ’64 alumni, setting-out their reflections, achievements and profiles. This was distributed to reunion participants on arrival; it made for interesting reading, that perhaps could form the basis for a lasting “legacy”?

Activities during the weekend included: a tour of the much changed “Emm Lane” campus; a drinks reception sponsored by the School; a welcome and address by Professor Jon Reast, Dean of the School; a memorabilia exhibition; networking sessions; and a Celebratory Dinner. Dr Les Simister attended this dinner, and spoke to the gathering; Les was a founding Faculty member from 1964, and still undertakes teaching assignments at the School.

BSc Class of 1967 Reunion Photo 3 Oct 2014

Also scheduled during the reunion, was an opportunity for the former students to hold an “open session” to cover topics that were raised during the organisational phase of the reunion. At this session the decisions taken included:

  • To hold another reunion in 2017, to mark 50 years since graduation (in 1967);
  • To meet more frequently at meetings on other occasions;
  • To put in place a mechanism that will attempt to trace (“missing”) students from the ’64 intake, that could not be contacted for this reunion;
  • To investigate the formulation of a lasting “legacy” from the combined business and academic experiences of the initial Management Centre alumni.

At this meeting also, respects were paid to those of the initial intake who were no longer with us, and to members of the original teaching staff who had died.

BSc Class of 1967 Reunion Group Photo Oct 2014

View more photos from the event

Below are some quotes and comments received from the alumni as the reunion drew to a close:

  • “The class of 64 reunion marked 50 years of academic education at the School of Management. An excellent basis for an extended career in industry.” John Turner

  • “Happy memories flood back seeing vaguely familiar face. We seem to have done ok.” Chris Dyson

  • “Hopefully we can continue to meet and share experience and consider future possibilities.” John Brian

  • “It was good to see Bradford again – I was born here. It was good to see old colleagues and to remember. It was scary how much I had forgotten. I enjoyed remembering.” Professor Rod Rhodes

  • “So much came flooding back and wonderful to see and hear how successful the School and colleagues have proved to be.” Professor Trevor Hopper

  • “My three years at Bradford stay in my memory as a real highlight. Over the next 40 years of my career I gradually discovered the relevance of the subjects I studied and I am proud of being one of the first undergraduates.” David Whitehead

  • “1964-67 was a most decisive period in my life – a good springboard in dealing with business affairs generally.” Desmond Lyons

  • “The 3 year undergraduate course was the transition period from having left school and dependency on parents for support to being self-reliant on one’s first salary after graduation. It was a major inspirational period in my life and one I will cherish forever.” Paul Spetch

  • “A lovely opportunity to review some old friendships and to reminisce about past times. It was good to hear about how former friends have developed their lives over the past 50 years.” Dr Bryan Lowes

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