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Class of 1972 - 40 Year Reunion - June 2012

Location: School of Management, Emm Lane, Bradford

Date and Time:
Sat 16 Jun 2012, 17:00 - 22:00

The Queen was not the only one celebrating in June 2012 as 14 graduates from the academic years 1969-1972 gathered in Bradford to reacquaint themselves with the ‘Management Centre’ or the School of Management as we now know it.

In their day the current library was the main lecture theatre where lecturers used overhead projectors and in tutorial rooms chalk on revolving blackboards were the order of the day with undergraduates making notes on paper. The main hall / current library was also used to sit all examinations and host guest lecturers. After graduating they entered industry and currently live in diverse parts of the world including the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and as far as the Falkland Islands but felt the need to reconvene on the place that had spring-boarded them into a world of opportunity with their newly acquired management degree. They hope the current undergraduates & postgraduates get the same opportunities given to them when they graduate.

The full list of attendees included: Sylvia Adams, Robin Baxter, John Bonnett, Jeff Gitter, Don Graham, Keith Harrison, Suzan Matthews, Les Pointing, Bob Potter, Richard Pulleyn, Lynne Rushton, Andy Willis, John Yea, Pete Goudge 

1972 Reunion

Would you like to organise your own reunion? The School of Management Alumni Office would be happy to assist you with planning your reunion and could provide the help and support you need. Contact  for more details about organising reunions.

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