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Research expertise and themes at the Interface of Chemistry, Biology and Materials

Research expertise

  • Sustainable polymers
  • Soft matter & biomaterials
  • Green chemistry/ clean energy
  • Structural chemistry & biology
  • Crystal and particle engineering
  • Drug discovery & delivery

Research themes

  • Production of functional polymer and peptide materials for biological applications
  • Biomimetic design of multifunctional materials for relevant clinical applications
  • Process development and crystal and particle engineering
  • Screening and characterization of novel co-crystals involving active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Time-resolved crystallography to investigate e.g. the mechanism of UV damage
  • Fluorophore discovery for cell tracking and fluorescent polymer probes
  • Medicines discovery includes cancer diseases and antibiotic resistance
  • Drug delivery research focused on increasing dose-enhancing/selectivity to target tissue
  • New materials for clean energy
  • Production of polymers for sustainable resources
  • Clean/green synthesis of fine chemicals and polymers
  • Biomaterials surface interactions