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Our research and knowledge transfer activities are housed in a 2600sqm purpose built cancer research building within the science quarter of the University. All aspects of in vitro and in vivo research studies are catered for including cell and tissue culture, molecular and cell biology, pathology, imaging using an IVIS bioluminescence detector and confocal microscopy and cytometric analysis using FACS. In addition, several HPLCs, a single quadrupole mass spectrometer (LCMS) and two triple quadrupole mass spectrometers (LCMSMS) are housed within the DMPK facility to enable drug analysis for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic elucidation.

A mass spectrometry proteomics facility housing a nano-HPLC and a MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer is also housed within the ICT. One floor is dedicated to molecular modelling and medicinal chemistry within a 20 fume hood facility with state of the art organic synthesis equipment. The ICT also makes use of the University’s central resources, such as the Analytical Centre and Bio-Imaging suite as well as the cell sorting laboratory within the Centre for Skin Sciences.

Within the Bioincubator suites housed on the top floor is Ethical Tissue, the university’s flagship licensed research tissue bank. This facility allows access to human matched cancer/normal human tissue as well as other human tissues and fluids. Ethical Tissue is a unique cost recovery resource to support the use of human tissue within the ICT research base, wider university and nationally.

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