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Research in Vision Science

Samantha Strong explains why she chose Bradford for her PhD.

Vision Science

The Bradford School of Optometry & Vision Science research group comprises a cohesive, multi-disciplinary approach to investigating vision and visual perception to address important research questions.

The group continues to build on over 35 years of vision research at the University. Research embraces a broad range of disciplines including; ophthalmology, optics, ocular imaging, machine vision, psychophysics, biomechanics and visual neuroscience.

Our aim is to further our understanding of the basic mechanisms of human vision in health and disease, as well as the functional consequences of visual loss. In pursuing this aim we have prioritised a strong translational research dimension and have developed an excellent track record of applying basic research to address clinical problems. The group has achieved a diversity that is naturally collaborative and multi-disciplinary, working with optometrists, ophthalmologists, orthoptists, medical engineers, physicists, psychologists and neuroscientists at local, regional, national and international levels.

Our research strategy is to pursue fundamental and applied research into the basic mechanisms of human vision with the goal of developing new techniques for the assessment of visual function in disease processes and in provision of novel testing and amelioration strategies to help individuals deal with functional visual loss arising from poor development, ageing or disease in the home, workplace or other environments. 

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