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Dr Andrew Logan

PositionLecturer in Optometry
Location1.05 Phoenix South West, Digital Health Enterprise Zone
DepartmentOptometry and Vision Science
Telephone+44 (0) 1274 23 6239

Research Interests (key words only)

Psychophysics, visual perception, face perception, clinical tests of high-level vision

PhD Supervision

Current PhD students in my lab are investigating (i) the neural mechanisms which underlie face perception and (ii) the forensic applications of face perception research. A number of future projects, which are suitable for Masters of PhD level study, are available. Prospective PhD students should contact me directly to discuss project ideas and funding routes.

Teaching and Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Module Leader- Management of Ocular Disease (3rd Year Optometry)
  • Module Leader - General and Ocular Pharmacology (2nd Year Optometry)
  • Clinical Supervisor- Referral Refinement (3rd Year Optometry Clinics)
  • Academic Supervisor- Evidence-Based Optometry II (3rd Year Optometry)


Andrew graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) with a degree in Optometry in 2010.

After completing his pre-registration training period, Andrew returned to GCU in 2011 to undertake a PhD in visual perception, for which he was awarded the George Giles postgraduate research prize by the College of Optometrists.

In parallel with working toward his PhD, Andrew completed his Independent Prescribing qualification.

Andrew was appointed to the post of Lecturer in Optometry at the University of Bradford in 2015. Andrew’s teaching responsibilities mainly relate to ocular and systemic disease and ocular pharmacology.

At a postgraduate level, he provides lectures for higher qualification programmes, particularly in glaucoma and independent prescribing.

As of 2017, Andrew is a member of the General Optical Council’s Education Committee.

Study History

  • 2017: Postgraduate Certificate (with Distinction) in Higher Education Practice, University of Bradford
  • 2014: Diploma in Therapeutics (Independent Prescribing), College of Optometrists, UK
  • 2014: PhD in Vision Science, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • 2011: Member of the College of Optometrists (MCOptom), College of Optometrists, UK
  • 2010: BSc (Hons) Optometry (1st Class), Glasgow Caledonian University

Professional Activities

Andrew is a member of the General Optical Council’s Education Committee.

Andrew has been invited to present the results of his research at events for the optometry profession, most recently Eyecare in Glasgow, Education Destination in London for the Association of Optometrists and 100% Optical for Media 10.

Research Areas

Andrew's primary area of interest is currently face perception.

Current projects include:

  • Developing an app-based test of face perception
  • Examining the impact of ocular disease on face identification ability
  • Investigating human sensitivity to facial expressions
  • Comparing face identification ability in humans with that of machines (deep learning algorithms)


  • Logan, A.J., Gordon, G.E. & Loffler, G. (2017). Contributions of individual face features to face discrimination. Vision Research, 137, 29-39.
  • Jilani, S.K., Ugail, H., Bukar, A.M., Logan, A.J. & Munshi, T. (2017). A Machine Learning Approach for Ethnic Classification: The British Pakistani Face. Cyberworlds, 2017 International Conference, 170-173.
  • Logan, A.J., Wilkinson, F., Wilson, H.R., Gordon, G.E. & Loffler, G. (2016) The Caledonian face test: a new test of face discrimination. Vision Research, 119, 29-41.
  • Schmidtmann, G., Logan, A.J., Kennedy, G.J., Gordon, G.E. Loffler, G. (2015) Distinct lower visual field preference for object shape. Journal of Vision, 15(18), doi:10.1167/15.5.18

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