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Heritage Research


Commitment to Heritage

The University of Bradford's School of Archaeological Sciences has a long-established reputation in heritage research. Bringing together staff from the Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science backgrounds, we have created a powerful and distinctive interdisciplinary research identity with major contributions to the fields of landscape and geophysical surveying, human and social identity, and material culture. We aim to advance understanding of heritage by developing new analytical approaches to fundamental research questions, integrating perspectives from the humanities, and sciences and capitalising on the diversity of expertise within our staff group

Our heritage research extends geographically from the North Atlantic to Mediterranean and SE Europe, and the Near East. Chronologically we cover the Palaeolithic to Norse periods. These draw on the full range of scientific expertise at Bradford and represent real integration of humanities and science-based perspectives.

Among the major current projects are:

We are also members of The Heritage Consortium, a consortium of seven universities in Yorkshire and Northumberland supporting PhD training and research in heritage studies.

The School of Archaeological Sciences provides a friendly and supportive environment where academic staff and students work together, work with other universities and institutes, and work with other disciplines. Interdisciplinary research is one of the key ingredients to Bradford’s success. As well as creating a dynamic atmosphere, interdisciplinary cooperation fosters essential transferable skills that help staff and students throughout their careers.

Bradford's main aims are:

  • Use of innovative technology in the identification and study of archaeological sites, deposits, finds, and human remains
  • Study and use of different forms of media as tools for the communication of research
  • Engagement of the public through different forms of media

Image:John Lord (in costume) showing AHRC Heritage Consortium PhD student Alice O'Mahoney how to knap flint at the University of Bradford's AHRC Becoming Human Festival, November 2014. Photo provided by A. O'Mahoney.

AHRC Doctoral Studentships


The University of Bradford is one of seven universities, which includes Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds Beckett, Northumbria, Sheffield Hallam and Teesside, that has partnered with the Heritage Consortium, to provide AHRC funded doctoral studentships. These studentships focus on many different aspects of heritage, with full support available from the consortium’s involvement with heritage organisations worldwide. This allows students to take part in placements and training, while the universities provide tailored supervision and mentoring. By offering a variety of career development opportunities, the consortium supports students not only throughout, but beyond, their study of heritage.

For more information please contact Dr Randolph Donahue or visit the Heritage Consortium webpage.

Image: Structured light scanning of Pictish symbols in the Sculptor's Cave using Fragmented Heritage scanner.

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