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Placements in Environmental Archaeology

Report by Emma Harvey

My first placement was with English Heritage, in which I was part of the Whitby Headland Project in North Yorkshire. I was involved in excavating, planning, environmental recovery and finds work on this project for three months. After this I was based at the English Heritage Centre for Archaeology in Portsmouth where I undertook archaeobotanical research projects on material from Whitby Abbey and the corndriers at Grately North.

I was based at the University of Leicester for my second placement where I continued to work with archaeobotanical remains but this time from a Iron Age site at South Shields in northeast England and a Roman site in Egypt. This involved sorting, identifying and quantifying different kinds of plant remains.

My final placement was at the University of Bradford as part of the Anglo-American Pompeii Project. I carried out a preliminary study of sediments using various analytical methods. This placement gave me the chance to design a project and follow it through every stage to the final report which will be published.

My placement year gave me excellent practical work experience in environmental archaeology, both in the field and the lab, and I have continued my studies in this area as a Masters student in London.

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