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PhD Research in the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences

Watch PhD student Mike Copper explain why he chose to study at Bradford.

Externally funded projects

Details of projects will be posted as they become available.

Self funded projects

Candidates can apply for the self-funded projects listed below.

Applications are accepted at any time.

How to apply

If you are interested in working with an academic on a relevant area of research, you will need to discuss your proposed field of research in detail with the proposed supervisor in the school.

Your proposed supervisor will submit a research proposal which will be assessed to ensure that the University can provide the necessary supervision, equipment and research materials. We need to know details about your proposed research topic, and also be assured that you have the prerequisite knowledge and experience.

Before applying

You need to discuss details about your preferred research area with a proposed supervisor.


Supporting documents

Along with an application form the following supporting documents are normally required:

  • Degree certificates/transcripts
  • Two references
  • Evidence of English language (if required) - please see our requirements
  • A copy of your passport
  • Up-to-date CV or resumé

If you apply online, there is a facility to upload these documents at the end of the process. We prefer you to submit your application form and supporting materials electronically. This will help us to process your application more rapidly.

Online applications

To apply, please complete our online application form.

Online applications will be sent automatically to the Research Office.  

Start date

The majority of research students start in September, but it may be possible to start with effect from February or another date by agreement.

Typical periods of registration for full-time research are fifteen months (minimum twelve) for an MPhil, and three years minimum for a PhD.

Induction and Development


When you join the University of Bradford you will take part in both a University wide and a faculty based Induction Programme, which is a requirement for all full-time and part-time research students. This will help you understand the academic and social environment here, and give you an introduction to all the services, support and training available to you.

Details of the University wide programme and session timetables can be found on the University Research induction website.

Following this you would also undertake a comprehensive induction programme organised by the Faculty of Life Sciences. Full details will be provided before you start.


The following short courses are available from the Research Support Unit:

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