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Stable Isotope Analysis. Stable Isotope Analysis

We specialise in the application of isotopic tools to address questions in archaeological, anthropological, environmental, palaeodietary, climate and forensic research.

We have a well-equipped laboratory, capable of analysing the stable isotopes of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur from most organic and inorganic materials.

We are experienced in the preparation and analysis of bone, dentine, hair and other organic residues; tooth enamel and other bio-carbonate minerals, and inorganic carbonates; plants and sediments.

Additionally we are equipped to sample and perform high-resolution analyses of incremental tissues including hair, nail, teeth, and shell and cave carbonates. 

The stable light isotopes laboratories are housed in the Analytical Centre, and managed by the School of Archaeological Sciences.

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Dr Julia Beaumont Co-Director


Dr Hannah Koon Co-Director


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